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The streets of Italy, a journey into great beauty

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The streets of Italy, a journey into great beauty

Thousands of kilometers of roads, hundreds of unmissable attractions, dozens of treasures protected as World Heritage Sites. It is the country described in “The wonders of Unesco: a journey to Italy to discover beauty”, the Repubblica Guide that crosses the boot offering the discovery of each of these treasures: from the Dolomites to the landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, from Alpine pile-dwelling sites to the great archaeological areas of the South, from Etna to the Sassi di Matera, passing through the ancient beech woods and the historic centers of the cities of art. The story highlights the history and characteristics of each of the sites, and then takes the reader on a journey through the territory that hosts them.

The opening is entrusted to Corrado Augias, journalist, writer and television presenter: “We Italians have been divided for centuries between principalities, counties, fiefdoms, baronies and all this from a military and economic point of view was really a disadvantage. But from an artistic point of view, something amazing has happened. Every gentleman wanted his territory to be the most beautiful of all and so he invited painters, architects, sculptors, marble workers, that is the best the genius of art offered in Italy, and commissioned frescoes, portals, palaces, churches, cathedrals and so on. Every inch of earth that has produced political unhappiness since the end of the 15th century has at the same time created a happiness of art ”.

In the volume, produced in collaboration with Anas (FS Italiane Group), itineraries will then be proposed which, starting from the site, lead to discover villages, countryside, cities and unmissable tourist destinations within easy reach. And then hundreds of tips on unmissable tables, on places to sleep to extend the stop and the “botteghe del gusto” where you can stock up on delicious local souvenirs. Many are the voices of artists, celebrities, writers and sportsmen who each tell a piece of Italy: Venice and its Lagoon are discovered, for example, with Susanna Tamaro: “When I look at the map of the city – says the writer – I see a certain similarity to the circulations of the brain. It is a city that has a very strong relationship with the unconscious, because water flows through it, there are canals and as a whole it gives me that impression that becomes stronger and stronger ”. Stefano Accorsi, on the other hand, accompanies the arcades of Bologna, also sharing his memories: “When I was a child there was a shop, near via Santo Stefano, which sold cheeses and dairy products. the escort once a week. It was a ritual and I often accompanied him. He worked nearby and for us the appointment with that shop meant the beginning of the weekend “.

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And then Rolli di Genova told by Tullio Solenghi, the center of Rome by Marco Lodoli, the heart of Naples with Maurizio De Giovanni. There is no shortage of sections dedicated to intangible heritage, from the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker to the work of puppets, also here with the help of the protagonists and writers such as Stefania Auci, who tells about the dry stone walls, and Antonio Pascale, who concentrates on the Mediterranean diet. Finally, contents dedicated to the Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks.

The cover is also unmissable, being an illustration created for the occasion by the artist Mimmo Paladino. “There is a wonderful Italy that often escapes us due to too much custom, which we often observe but go beyond in search of we do not know what, which others envy us and which holds one of the most ambitious records in the world“, he writes in his introduction the director of the Guides of the Republic, Giuseppe Cerasa: “It is Italy where 58 stars of the first magnitude shine, able by themselves to determine and justify a trip, to give meaning to a tourist immersion as there is more identity in the Belpaese . It is the Italy of Unesco sites, of places protected as a world heritage site. This paradise of splendid beauty now finds a way to be read and experienced all together in the guide with which Repubblica pays homage to the all-Italian ability to defend and preserve an unrepeatable heritage. “

“Our Constitution is the first in the world to give the protection of cultural heritage and the landscape a leading role in the horizon of citizens’ rights, including it among the fundamental principles”, affirms the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini: “Recognize the value, also through the use of this Guide, means understanding how past and future, memory and innovation, man and nature, are not irreconcilable dichotomies of the present, but equally protagonists of our common history. It is no coincidence that the first police force specialized in safeguarding historical, artistic, archaeological and landscape assets was born in our country. Protecting and enhancing these riches is not only an institutional duty, but also a moral commitment. It is necessary to assume this responsibility towards future generations, so that cultural heritage is an element of union between peoples and mutual knowledge is the first instrument of peace ”.

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“For years Anas has been committed to the goal of enhancing the beauty of our country by guiding the motorist to the conscious rediscovery of the extraordinary tourist and cultural heritage that our 32,000 kilometers of network allow to reach”, underline Edoardo Valente and Aldo Isi, respectively President and CEO of Anas: “The philosophy behind the project is that the road infrastructure is not just a connection tool, but a stimulus to discover the places crossed, becoming at the same time a generator of opportunities and development for the territory. This new Guide, which joins previous editions, represents once again the best synthesis of our commitment, providing the reader with an articulated compendium on the wonders of UNESCO present in our territory ”.

The Repubblica Guide “The wonders of Unesco: a journey to Italy to discover beauty” will be available on newsstands (12 euros plus the price of the newspaper) and online on our website Ilmioabbonamento.it from 22 July and immediately afterwards in bookstores and online on Amazon and Ibs.

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