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Sisga concession says that protest against toll collection is based on “myths” – news

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Sisga concession says that protest against toll collection is based on “myths” – news

The Sisga Transversal Concession defended in an extensive statement the implementation of the toll in San Luis de Gaceno, pointing out that “myths” are being created around the road paving project by the social leaders who maintain the protest. for collection at the aforementioned toll station.


Given the statements made by some social leaders, regarding the reality, state and results of the Transversal del Sisga project for the Tenza Valley region and the Llanero foothills, it is essential to clarify that the road corridor is operational and at the service of users, generating a positive impact on the development of the 12 municipalities located between Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Casanare, being a tangible reality today.

Myth #1: The project has not generated development in the region

The impact of the project on regional development is undeniable. The improvement in road connectivity has facilitated access to basic services, the transportation of agricultural products and the flow of trade, thus boosting the local economy and promoting growth opportunities for the benefited communities.

In close collaboration with the authorities and surrounding communities, a corridor was built that has energized the economy of the entire Tenza Valley, has generated more than 8,553 direct and indirect jobs, consolidated an ecotourism region with 11 consolidated tourist routes, has reduced costs and time, going from 8 hours to 4 and a half hours of travel time between the sector known as Sisga and a point called Aguaclara in the Municipality of Sabanalarga (Casanare), thus generating ease of access to the municipalities of the region, among others.

Myth #2: The project has not been completed

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The Sisga Transversal Concession executed a project that today is a reality for Colombia. This consisted of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the pavement of 137 km of road, intervention of vehicular bridges, unstable sites, tunnels, safe passages among others, which have been delivered to satisfaction, guaranteeing the conditions of passability and operation at the service of users and community.

Myth #3 The project has not changed the lives of the municipalities involved

The project has had a transformative impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants of the more than 12 municipalities in the area of ​​direct influence. From the opportunity to improve public and educational services, to increasing employment opportunities and strengthening basic infrastructure. This project has contributed significantly. Today, the 137 km of the corridor belong to everyone, allowing this joint effort between the State, the private sector and society in the construction of the road to be reflected in regional well-being and growth.

Myth #4 The San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station was not contemplated in the project

The San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station is located within the Concession Contract under PPP scheme No 009 of 2015, so it is completely legal.

The activation of the San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station is a contractual obligation that the Sisga Transverse Concession must comply with, after Functional Unit 4 has been put into service and has a partial delivery certificate signed on July 12, 2023. , date from which the necessary actions had to be carried out to, within the contractual terms, be able to begin the collection of the toll on the 10th day of the following month, in this case since last August 10, 2023.

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The Toll Station is an essential source of resources to leverage the works already carried out and guarantee the operation and maintenance of a road corridor that transformed the life of the Tenza Valley.

Myth #5 The San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station was not socialized

As of Resolution No. 981 of April 16, 2015, issued by the Ministry of Transportation, the location of the toll in San Luis de Gaceno was established, a document that is public in nature and is hosted on the Ministry of Transportation website. .

The San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station, which was initially in another location, approximately 500 meters before, had to be moved to the place where it is currently located, because it was in an unstable location. This decision was supported by technical and traffic studies. , and was socialized in several meetings with the community.

In May 2017, socializations of the change in the location of the San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station were carried out, carried out in the municipalities of Sabanalarga and San Luis de Gaceno. After this process, on January 11, 2019, a binding concept was issued prior to the relocation of the toll under a resolution issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

Since the month of November to date, 8 open dialogue tables have been held with the community of the area of ​​influence, the Ministry of Transportation, the National Infrastructure Agency, the Concession and local authorities have participated willingly and actively in order to to reach agreements that benefit all parties involved and contribute to peaceful resolution, thus promoting cooperation and progress towards a shared goal.

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Myth #6 The San Luis de Gaceno Toll Station does not contemplate differential rates

Through Resolution 20233040048765 issued by the Ministry of Transportation, differential rates were established for the inhabitants of the municipalities of Sabanalarga, San Luis de Gaceno and Santa María, in order to alleviate daily expenses in the communities while at the same time improve connectivity conditions between departments.

During this process of agreeing and obtaining censuses, the community was given the benefit of suspension in payment of the fee, which was agreed upon during the work table on January 19, 2024.

It is important to highlight that the non-commissioning of the San Luis de Gaceno toll station represents a serious threat to public finances, investment, the concession contract and the development of the region. Failure to comply could also put the concession contract at risk, which would have legal, social and financial consequences for all parties.

It must be recognized that the comprehensive development achieved throughout these years has occurred thanks to the joint effort between the National Government, road users, communities and the Concession collaborators. This is why the Sisga Transversal Concession will continue to accompany the conversations between the National Government and the neighboring communities, which will allow reaching an agreement on the implementation of the differential tariff scheme contemplated and will allow this effort that has been made continue generating well-being and development in the region.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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