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Special regime in labor reform will benefit 40,000 community mothers

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Special regime in labor reform will benefit 40,000 community mothers

In a significant step towards the formalization and recognition of the work of community mothers, the labor reform bill in Colombia will incorporate a special article aimed at providing job stability and official status to around 40 thousand women who have dedicated decades to train the country’s children.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez Ríos, and the Director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), Astrid Eliana Cáceres, who highlighted the importance of recognizing the tireless work of these women.

Minister Ramírez Ríos expressed that the inclusion of this article in the labor reform project represents recognition of the sustained struggle of community mothers, who have worked hard for more than 50 years. “It is essential to incorporate an article that allows their formalization, thus recognizing the labor relationships that have been built over time,” she stated.

For her part, Astrid Cáceres, Director of the ICBF, highlighted the initiative to integrate these women into the state payroll. “Our technical teams have worked tirelessly to guarantee that community mothers are an integral part of the labor reform, granting them a special regime that will allow them to work as official employees of the State,” commented Cáceres. Likewise, she stressed the commitment to ensure the guarantees of the rights of these 40 thousand women, ensuring that they are aligned with those of the entire state plant.

The labor reform project is currently in the legislative process in the Congress of the Republic, where 16 articles have already been approved. It is expected that in the coming days the debates will resume around this initiative that seeks not only to modernize the country’s labor framework, but also to recognize and value the invaluable contribution of community mothers to Colombian society.

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