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States that will issue stimulus checks in February

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States that will issue stimulus checks in February

This February, several states in the U.S. will be issuing stimulus checks or tax refunds to their residents as a form of financial aid. The federal government had previously stopped giving out economic impact payments after the Covid-19 pandemic, but some states have continued to provide assistance to their citizens.

In Alabama, a stimulus check worth $150 USD has been delivered since December 2023, and eligible individuals are still receiving it. To qualify, individuals must have submitted their 2021 state individual income tax return before October 17, 2023.

In Alaska, the stimulus check is being distributed through the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) in an amount that corresponds to the profits obtained during 2023. Eligible individuals have been receiving more than $1,000 USD, and applications for the 2024 version of the PFD stimulus check are being collected.

Arizona is offering a stimulus check through a tax refund program for individuals with dependents. Each dependent will receive $750 USD, and dependents under 17 years of age can be claimed.

Residents of Colorado will be able to request a stimulus check through a sales tax refund by filing their 2023 tax return and requesting the TABOR refund.

In Massachusetts, individuals over the age of 65 who own or rent a home can claim the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit, which will amount to $2,590 USD. The credit is based on the amount by which total real estate tax payments exceed 25% of rent for tenants.

Michigan is providing direct payments through the Earned Income Tax Credit for Working Families (EITC), which will increase from 6% to 30% of the federal credit. Additionally, a supplemental check worth 24% of the 2022 federal EITC will be awarded.

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Minnesota is also offering financial aid for parents and guardians with children, providing a credit of $1,750 USD for taxpayers with income less than $29,500 USD.

The state of Montana will be granting a property tax rebate to home-based workers, with applications open from August 15 to October 2024. The rebate will be for the amount of $675 USD.

New Mexico will issue a check worth $1,000 USD to tax-paying residents, with a budget of $15 million dollars. Single taxpayers will receive $500 USD, while married couples will receive $1,000 USD, and the 2021 PIT declaration forms must be submitted by May 31, 2024.

In Pennsylvania, some residents may receive a property tax refund, and the Department of Revenue automatically calculates rebates for qualified homeowners. The deadline to complete the process is June 30, 2024.

The eligibility for these stimulus checks and tax refunds varies by state, and individuals are encouraged to check with their state’s Department of Revenue for specific requirements.

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