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Student strike in Playa Roja, Bajirá

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Under the motto “I want to get to school, but they don’t want to send transportation,” students and parents of the Simón Bolívar Educational Institution, located in the district of Playa Roja, Nuevo Belén de Bajirá municipality, have started an indefinite civic strike. The educational community demands urgent solutions to a transportation crisis that has not only complicated daily logistics, but has also endangered the lives of students, tragically culminating in the death of the child Juan José Arrieta Úsuga in February of last year.

This civic strike is a desperate cry for attention and immediate action in the face of a problem that seems to have been consistently ignored by local and regional authorities. Students, forced to travel in precarious conditions such as hanging from vehicles and motorcycles or facing exhausting walks of several hours, are exposed daily to risks that no child should face to access their right to education.

Juan José’s death is not only a personal tragedy for his family and friends, but it is also a severe indication of the state’s abandonment of its most vulnerable citizens. Despite the fatal outcome, the authorities have not yet implemented effective measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of students during their school trips.

The tired and frustrated Red Beach community has had to resort to extreme measures to draw attention to this continued neglect. This civic strike not only seeks immediate and effective solutions to the transportation problem, but also aims to highlight the apathy and lack of effective response from those in power.

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The indifference of authorities not only perpetuates inequality and risk, but also highlights an alarming disconnect between those in power and the real needs of the communities they are intended to serve. This situation in Playa Roja is not an isolated incident, but a symptom of a much broader and deeper problem in the management of resources and the protection of the fundamental rights of citizens.

From Playa Roja, students and parents make an emphatic call to the authorities to prioritize the life and safety of children over bureaucracy and indifference. It is imperative that this call be attended to with the urgency that the seriousness of the matter demands. The Playa Roja community hopes not to have to mourn another innocent life before action is taken.

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