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Suspect arrested for home invasion at the Pfaffs: “Carmen suffered enormously” (Brasschaat)

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Brasschaat –

The police have arrested a suspect (25) for the home invasion at the Pfaffs in Brasschaat. Carmen Pfaff (67) was injured during that home invasion. Three men beat her several times and locked Jean-Marie’s wife in the toilet.

Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 12:28

The facts date from Friday, August 18. “Three suspects entered the house in Brasschaat through the back,” says spokesperson Kristof Aerts of the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office. Carmen Pfaff was ironing at home when she suddenly came face to face with the robbers.

“The victim was beaten several times and was locked in the toilet while the house was searched,” says Aerts. The robbers stole several pieces of jewelry and left. Carmen was able to free herself and call for help. She was taken to hospital with various injuries.

Preliminary exploration

The Federal Judicial Police (FGP) immediately opened an investigation. “It turned out that a preliminary reconnaissance was carried out with a car,” says Aerts. Police were able to identify several suspects. The investigating judge ordered five simultaneous searches in the Charleroi region on Wednesday.

“After those searches and interrogations, the investigating judge decided to bring in a 25-year-old man,” says Aerts. “He was arrested for acts qualified as theft with violence in a gang with breaking and entering and using a getaway vehicle and unlawful deprivation of liberty.” The man will appear before the council chamber on Tuesday. The judicial investigation into other people involved continues.

“Extremely different”

Jean-Marie and Carmen Pfaff react excitedly to the news. “It is good that they have now arrested a suspect, but of course we hope that no one will escape punishment. My wife really hated that robbery,” says Jean-Marie when we get on the phone.

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“Carmen had only just recovered (Carmen Pfaff suffered a brain haemorrhage on the plane to Spain in May last year, ed.) and then had to deal with that. Those men did not spare her. She has now recovered physically, but mentally this remains difficult,” says Jean-Marie Pfaff.


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