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Suspension of outdoor operations in western Henan and northern Henan, heavy rainfall has appeared | Henan Province_Sina News

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Original title: Suspension of outdoor operations in western Henan and heavy rainfall in northern Henan

According to the Henan Meteorological Bureau, the band echo is slowly moving closer to the west and northwest of Henan. The echo center intensity is 45-50dBZ. The maximum hourly rain intensity appears at the Sanmenxia Lakeside Wetland Station at 58.7mm/h, and the extreme wind appears outside the lakeside. The high station is 16.9m/s (level 7).

It is expected that in the next 2 hours, affected by the gradual eastward movement of strong echoes, there will be showers and thundershowers in the three cities of Sanmenxia, ​​Jiaozuo, Jiyuan and the west of Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, and Luoyang. Local heavy rains accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall and short-term Please take precautions against strong convective weather such as strong winds.

To this end, on the evening of August 19, the Henan Provincial Flood Control Office and Henan Provincial Emergency Department issued a reminder, please pay close attention to the weather, and pay attention to preventing the adverse effects of rainfall and strong convective weather on urban operations, transportation and shipping, and epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen safety precautions.

1. The government and relevant departments shall, in accordance with their responsibilities, make preparations for heavy convective weather such as rainstorms and short-term heavy precipitation.

2. Cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply and suspend outdoor work. People in dangerous areas and residents of dangerous houses should move to safe places to avoid rain as soon as possible.

3. The public should pay attention to weather changes and road conditions promptly, carry rain gear with them, and pay attention to traffic safety. Do not stay in mountains, waters and low-lying areas.

4. Do a good job in drainage of cities, farmlands, and fish ponds, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers in facilities and pipe networks, and take precautions against possible disasters such as mountain torrents, landslides, and mudslides.

5. All emergency rescue teams must enter the standby state, and at the same time, prepare for disaster relief materials and equipment, and carry out emergency rescue at any time.

(Headquarters reporter Tian Meng)

Editor in charge: Zhang Yu


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