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The 2022 Beijing Consumer Season will start on March 1 and last until the end of the year – Xinhua English.news.cn

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The 2022 Beijing Consumer Season will start on March 1 and last until the end of the year – Xinhua English.news.cn

Original title: 2022 Beijing consumer season starts on March 1

Continue until the end of the year; open 8 major event sections including debut Beijing and Chaobu Beijing, and create 24 city-wide iconic events

The “2022 Beijing Consumer Season” will be officially launched on March 1 and will last until the end of the year. Guo Wenjie, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced at a press conference held yesterday (24th) that this year’s Beijing consumption season event is themed “Enjoy Beijing and Enjoy Life”, focusing on the main line of building an international consumption center city. “1+8+24+N” activity frame. That is to say, with one start-up event as the traction, it will open 8 major activity sections: Debut Beijing, Chaobu Beijing, Fashion Beijing, Wisdom Beijing, Wenxiang Beijing, Colorful Beijing, Xunwei Beijing, and Quality Beijing, and create 24 city-wide iconic events. Continue to drive various districts, business associations and enterprises to hold N consumption promotion activities, strengthen the integration and interaction of business, tourism, culture and sports, and the joint resonance of online and offline.

8 major activity sections strive to have activities every week and bright spots every month

Guo Wenjie said that the 8 major activity sections strive to “have activities every week, bright spots every month, and exciting seasons”.

Among them, Fashion Beijing includes 3 key activities. The Beijing International Fashion Festival will carry out activities such as international fashion festivals, interactive exhibitions, pre-sale of fashionable products, and fashion celebrity nights during the service trade fair. Beijing Fashion Week will organize well-known domestic fashion brands to hold a series of activities such as fashion trend release and fashion Beijing exhibition in Beijing. The selection of Internet celebrity check-in places will collect clues of punch-in places in the form of netizens’ recommendation and self-recommendation by enterprises, and select a new batch of Internet celebrity punch-in places.

Zhihui Beijing includes Beijing Digital Economy Experience Week and Beijing Information Consumption Festival. JD.com, Gome, Suning, etc. will promote green, energy-saving and smart consumption by issuing subsidy coupons and trading in old ones for new ones.

In the Wenxiang Beijing section, Beijing Music Corner will hold a variety of live music performances in the city’s key business districts, neighborhoods, cultural and creative parks, parks and other points in the form of creative pop-ups and mobile performances. The 10th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season will focus on key industries such as publishing, film and television, and performances, and carry out a series of cultural activities for the benefit of the people.

In the colorful Beijing section, Yejingcheng will carry out a series of activities such as the Night Travel Map Tide Shopping Festival and the Late Night Canteen Festival. The city’s 20 late-night canteens will jointly boost the night capital, and Blue Harbor and Liangye Group will create a night light show. There are also the 3rd Beijing Sports Consumption Festival, Beijing Ice and Snow Consumption Festival and Farmers Harvest Festival.

The Exploring Beijing section includes 2 key activities. Fun Beijing Food will link thousands of enterprises and stores to release the Beijing Food Hot List. Looking for authentic time-honored brands, we will organize the exhibition and promotion of time-honored brands, and carry out a series of activities such as punching in Beijing Time-honored Brands and Time-honored Brand Days. Quanjude, Donglaishun, Bianchifang and other major catering brands have launched activities such as “Overlord Meal”, special deals, and limited-time offers.

In the Quality Beijing section, there are 4 key activities, including the Quality Life Festival, the promotion of service quality to promote consumption, the promotion of integrity and business promotion month, and the “Concentration to help and promote consumption together”. Among them, the Quality Life Festival will focus on the construction of a “quarter-hour” convenient life circle, and hold activities to improve the quality of life and promote consumption.

Various districts will drive key commercial enterprises to launch more than 1,000 consumer promotion activities

“Focusing on the theme of Beijing’s consumption season, all districts have created regional characteristic activity brands, driven key commercial enterprises to launch more than a thousand consumption promotion activities, and created a ‘city-wide’ consumption atmosphere during Beijing’s consumption season.” Guo Wenjie said.

Dongcheng District has made every effort to launch the “Burn Dongcheng” consumer season brand, and launched more than 20 special activities integrating culture, business and tourism, such as “Guijie Night Festival” and “Central Axis Range Rover Wenrun Dongcheng”. Xicheng District adopted a two-line integration method, and organized more than 100 key enterprises such as Caibai and Hanguang to hold more than 70 themed events. Chaoyang District continues to cultivate the hot spots of “beautiful consumption” and “fashion consumption”, and organizes China Central Place, Hopson and key merchants to work together to stimulate consumption enthusiasm.

Haidian District mainly promotes the theme of “Joyful Movement of Haidian”. It will link up with key business districts such as Wukesong and Jinyuan, pay attention to the application of technology scenarios, and hold more than 20 key events. Fengtai District will integrate regional commercial, cultural and tourism resources, and carry out over 100 exciting activities such as the Flower Tide Festival and the Winter Olympics Licensed Commodities Exhibition. Focusing on the theme of the Winter Olympics, Shijingshan District organized Xilongduo Shopping Center to carry out the “China Ice and Snow Caravan” public welfare activities and ice and snow experience projects.

Mentougou District, with the theme of “We Buy Mentougou”, attracts consumers to live in the “Mentougou Courtyard”, visit the Three Mountains and Two Temples, and enjoy the flowers and fruits of Beijing and the West. Fangshan District carried out a series of activities of “Moving Fangshan Quality Life”, which led to the participation of large key enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises, and organized and launched 30 key activities. Tongzhou District fully promotes the “Canal Cultural Tour” route and Donglang Cultural and Creative Park and other Internet celebrity check-in places, and cultural tourism empowers to drive experiential consumption. Key enterprises such as COFCO·Xiangyun Town in Shunyi District and Luneng Meilihui will hold more than 10 innovative activities such as “Warm Hot Pot Festival” and “Cute Pet Market”. Pinggu District will continue to hold 10 special events such as Yuyang International Ice and Snow Season and Mass Alpine Skiing Competition.

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Highlight 1

Measures to encourage the development of the first store version 3.0 will be introduced soon

“First show” has become a hot spot in Beijing’s consumption field. “First Show Beijing”, one of the 8 major sections of “2022 Beijing Consumer Season”, will gather new products from home and abroad. The Beijing First Launch Festival will gather in the city’s key fashion brands such as SKP, China World Mall, Sanlitun Taikoo Li and other business districts to create a new product launch theme show field. More than 100 brands including Xiaomi and China Gold will hold new product launch events in Beijing. Yesterday, Guo Wenjie said that Beijing will soon introduce measures for the first store version 3.0 to install a “booster” for the development of the first store.

Guo Wenjie introduced that the first store version 3.0 measures will vigorously develop the first store launch economy from four aspects: establishing a brand first store launch service system, supporting the development of the brand’s first store landing, building a global brand debut debut display platform, and supporting the development of commercial brand headquarters. , increase the introduction of international brands and the cultivation of local brands, and strive to build Beijing into a gathering place for well-known brands at home and abroad and an incubation place for original brands.

He said that the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and relevant departments have recently researched and formulated a number of support policies to further stimulate the enthusiasm and innovation of market players, optimize consumer experience, and enrich consumer supply.

Support policies will be introduced to encourage enterprises to innovate and carry out the “2022 Beijing Consumption Season” to promote consumption activities. In order to fully stimulate the innovation of market players and develop more consumption growth points, financial support is provided every quarter to urban commercial complexes, offline retail and catering enterprises that actively participate in the Beijing consumption season activities and have achieved remarkable results.

Introduce support policies to encourage the development of online consumption promotion activities in 2022 to cultivate and expand the online consumption market. In order to further cultivate and expand the scale of the online consumption market in the city, encourage enterprises to actively carry out online consumption promotion activities, and adopt a combination of ex-ante incentives and ex-post incentives to provide financial support to wholesale and retail enterprises and Internet life service platform enterprises that meet the corresponding support conditions.

Several measures have been introduced to promote the development of business districts. 14 specific measures to promote the development of the business district are put forward from four aspects: innovating the business district management model, creating a prosperous and standardized business district consumption environment, improving the intelligence level of the business district, and increasing policy support. Make efforts from both sides of supply and demand to create an international, high-quality and convenient business district. Introduce cross-border e-commerce innovation and development policies. By supporting cross-border e-commerce platforms to become bigger and stronger, continuously promoting the development of new foreign trade formats and new models, and building three types of cross-border e-commerce cooperation and exchange platforms, we will further promote the innovation and development of cross-border e-commerce in Beijing.

Highlight 2

Fun Beijing food events will push live broadcasts to explore stores, release food lists, etc.

Yesterday, Liu Yuchi, executive vice president of the Beijing Cuisine Association, introduced that the 2022 Fun Beijing Food series activities, as the “Exploring Beijing” food section of the Beijing consumption season, will be held in early March 2022, the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the summer vacation, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, and the Spring Festival. Until the Lantern Festival and other important time nodes, there are special activities online.

“With the theme of ‘Exploring Beijing’, it highlights keywords such as savouring, punching, shopping, etc., emphasizing ‘food interprets beauty’, focusing on the release of new dishes, the Beijing food exhibition, the live broadcast of food experts, the exhibition of food craftsmanship, and food culture. Communication, the release of food lists, etc., tell the ‘catering chapter of Beijing’s story’.” Liu Yuchi said.

Sun Yueting, vice president of Beijing Time-honored Brands Association, said that Beijing Time-honored Brands Association will continue to strongly support the holding of the 2022 National Chao Jingpin Festival. This year’s Guochao Jingpin Festival will organize more than 150 time-honored enterprises, new consumer brands, cooperative colleges and institutions to participate, and hold more than 10 key promotional activities at different times. It is expected to bring relevant enterprises to organize more than 300 featured online and offline activities. The whole is divided into four major sections, each section is driven by the elements of the national tide, supplemented by the relevant supporting activities of the local Beijing circle time-honored brands and new consumer brands.

In addition, as a brand new section of this Guochao Jingpin Festival, the “Guochao New Consumer Brand Growth Plan” will be released this spring. Its main contents include “new consumer brand vitality list collection, time-honored brand dialogue with new brands, and the final release of Guochao Jingpin’s new consumer list.

“In recent years, under the state’s promotion of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promoting each other, the context of traditional Chinese culture has naturally surged, inspiring the infinite possibilities of Chinese brands, and the ‘new national tide’ has become the current consumption The normal state of the end.” Sun Yueting said.

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