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The Benedetti audios that have Gustavo Petro in check

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The Benedetti audios that have Gustavo Petro in check

“I think I understand what is happening to Armando Benedetti’s mind, I accept his apologies, but he must explain his words before the Prosecutor’s Office and the country”added the president, after the former ambassador apologized for his threats, full of profanity and personal offenses, and said that the audios were “manipulated.”

It is worth remembering that Benedetti had arrived in Bogotá last Wednesday to speak with Petro after it was pointed out as the person who leaked to the press the possible abuse of power in the case of the investigation to Marelbys Meza, who was a nanny for Sarabia’s son and accused of stealing a briefcase with an unspecified sum of money from the house of the now former official.

Besides: Problems for Armando Benedetti? They would have withdrawn his US visa.

However, Petro did not receive Benedetti that day, who interpreted this treatment as a humiliationaccording to Semana, and for this reason she threatened Sarabia – who was her adviser in her time as a senator and who introduced her to the current president – to tell what she knows about the last presidential campaign.

“So, even if it’s hypocritical, you go and receive people, but the treatment that you and the president gave me yesterdayfagot, I don’t know, besides, what I’m going to tell you is not a threat (…) I see that this can put me down, I kick you son of a bitch, and we all fall there,” Benedetti told Sarabia.

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