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The Chamber rejects the appeals: you can enter only with the green pass

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Nothing to do for the no vax deputies. The Chamber confirms the decision of the College of Quaestors and rejects the appeals against the obligation of the green pass.

The Council of Jurisdiction of Montecitorio has in fact reiterated that the entrance to the building, to participate in the proceedings of the Chamber, of the commissions and to carry out other activities, is allowed only upon presentation of the green certification.

The ‘case’ was initially raised by the deputy of the Mixed group, former M5s and pasionaria no vax, Sara Cunial. His appeal was then joined by those of 7 other deputies of the Alternative component of the Mixed group. But it was Cunial who attracted the spotlight: the deputy, in fact, after having been rejected by the ‘Tribunalino’ di Montecitorio, had turned to the Chamber of Appeal of the Chamber, chaired by the deputy of Alternativa Andrea Colletti (who is among the applicants against the green pass obligation): last week and in a single-handed manner, Colletti had accepted Cunial’s request for a suspension on the obligation of the green pass.

Therefore, the deputy no vax was able to enter the Chamber without green certification.

Decision that the College of Quaestors did not agree with, which issued a new order on the day of the suspension, in which severe movement restrictions were established for Cunial, starting with the ban on entering the Chamber, allowing her to participate in the proceedings of the Assembly only from positions reserved for deputies and set up in the stands during the emergency phase of the pandemic.

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Last Tuesday, the first day without a green pass, Cunial made a brief speech from the stands to “forgive” his fellow deputies despite “the strong discrimination you are subjecting me to”. Strong and numerous the bipartisan protest of many deputies, who asked the heads of the Chamber to restore the norm and guarantee the safety of everyone’s health.

Just as Cunial was able to enter Montecitorio without exhibiting the green pass (and therefore without vaccine and without buffer), and pending the decisions of the Jurisdiction Council on the matter, the news of 7 deputies who tested positive at Covid arrived, although with the reassurance given by President Fico in the group leader that “the situation in the Chamber is under control”. News that has increased fears among the deputies, especially after the reopening of the ocean liner (for over a year off limits as it has been transformed into a continuation of the Chamber) and the concomitant presence in the hemicycle of all parliamentarians, without further distancing.

While waiting for Montecitorio to evaluate how to adapt to the new rules passed by the Council of Ministers, with the introduction of the ‘super’ green pass from 6 December, the Chamber’s ‘Tribunalino’ puts order and sets the stakes again: you can only enter with certification green. Point.

The motivation is not without hardness: the Jurisdiction Council (chaired by the Losacco demos and which also includes the pentastellata Ascari and the Lega Nord Covolo) “believes that the members of Parliament are obliged, like and more than any other citizen, not to harm or risk the health of others with their behavior, in compliance with the general principle that sees the right of each find a limit in mutual recognition and equal protection of the coexisting rights of others’ (these are the words of the Constitutional Court). Deputies and senators, required to implement everything that falls within their availability for the best exercise of their mandate, must bring any hypothetical sacrifice or hardship of theirs with respect to the condition of every other citizen to the set of responsibilities, powers, rights and duties which make up the status of parliamentary in office “.

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Furthermore, for the Council of Jurisdiction “both the vaccination against Covid-19 and the ‘swab’ are tools which, although they cannot scientifically guarantee absolute certainty of their effectiveness and reliability, offer a significant statistical probability rate in this regard. , and in any case they currently constitute the only concrete measures that the Institutions can implement in the dutiful pursuit of the protection of individual and collective health, guaranteed by article 32 of the Constitution “.

Satisfied the senior Quaestor Gregorio Fontana: “Today’s ruling confirms the full validity and validity of the obligation of a health certificate to enter the Chamber, a decision that re-establishes, even for parliamentarians, the rules that apply to all citizens», Underlines the blue exponent.

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