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The death toll is increasing in Gaza – World News

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The death toll is increasing in Gaza – World News

Gazathe government in Selame Maruf, Head of Media Office, At the press conference he held, he gave information about the loss of life and the extent of destruction caused by Israeli attacks. Maruf stated that the number of people killed in Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7 has increased to 9,500, including 3,900 children and 2,509 women. Israeli attackInforming that 55 mosques, 3 universities, 3 churches and 3 buildings affiliated with the Ministry of Foundations were destroyed in 2018, Maruf noted that 16 hospitals, 32 health centers, 27 ambulances and 105 health centers were damaged.


Maruf stated that 40 thousand houses were completely destroyed, 220 thousand houses and 88 government buildings were damaged or became unusable due to the attacks. Palestinian The official stated that the Israeli army hit 220 schools and 60 of them were completely out of service.


US Secretary of State Antony BlinkenSimultaneously with Israel’s visit to the region, in the last 24 hours Gaza’Pointing out that they have increased their aggression against Turkey, Maruf said that Israeli forces are trying to completely destroy life in the north of the Gaza Strip and Gaza city by carrying out massacres.

maruf Moreover Israel’He warned that Turkey wants to target more hospitals and called for fuel to be supplied to hospitals immediately to save innocent lives.

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