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The Embrace of Ocha… – EL PAÍS VALLENATO

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The Embrace of Ocha… – EL PAÍS VALLENATO

When I’m sad even the letters know my nostalgia…

After the sensitive death of Rosa ‘Ocha’ Rosado Quintero, a cluster of memories gallop in my soul.

All these emotions could be summed up in a very special memory: Ocha’s hug in a pandemic…

That special encounter happened when she fell ill with covid-19. For a few days, this virus forced her to stay at her residence.

The journalistic community in general was concerned about her state of health, 28because her work could continue exposing her to this contagion…

In the following weeks there was a meeting in the Governor’s Office of Cesar and they summoned the press.

When I saw Rosa Rosado, I experienced happiness on all sides of my body. I told her: “Ocha, I know that you have been very sick these days. I know we have to keep our distance to protect ourselves, but let me wrap your hands because I want to hug you…”

She looked at me sweetly, she smiled broadly and stretching out her arms answered me: “Come mom!!!, give me that hug” … it was the most irresponsible hug on my part, but the most tender and sweet that I have received from people as special as Ocha…

That hug broke all the fears of this pandemic, it distanced the sorrows of those days, it was the symbol of gratitude, it opened the floodgates of a range of feelings, it gave free rein to an I love you, I admire you… That hug made me feel that everything was fine….and I was there to support her.

The death of this wonderful pioneer of digital journalism leaves a great void in the journalistic profession of this region. A virtuous legacy harvested through hard work carried out with professionalism, responsibility, ethics, effort, generosity and simplicity, embodied in her tender smile.

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By: Ludys Ovalle Jacome

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