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The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Network Civilization”_南网

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 14. Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Network Civilization” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”), and issued a notice requesting all regions and departments to conscientiously implement them in light of actual conditions. implement.

The “Opinions” pointed out that strengthening the construction of network civilization is an inevitable requirement for advancing the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and improving the level of social civilization. It is to adapt to the changes in major social contradictions and meet the urgent needs of the people for a better life. It is to accelerate the construction of a network power and comprehensive An important task for building a modern socialist country. The “Opinions” include general requirements, strengthening cyberspace ideological guidance, strengthening cyberspace culture cultivation, strengthening cyberspace moral construction, strengthening cyberspace behavior standards, strengthening cyberspace ecological governance, strengthening the creation of cyberspace civilization, and organizing the implementation of eight parts.

The “Opinions” emphasized that to strengthen the construction of network civilization, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, implement and implement General Secretary Jinping’s important thoughts on network power and important expositions on the construction of spiritual civilization, and vigorously promote the core values ​​of socialism. Promote the development of a civilized network, civilized use of the Internet, civilized Internet, and civilized development of the Internet, and promote the formation of ideological concepts, cultural customs, moral pursuits, behavioral norms, legal environment, and creation mechanisms that meet the requirements of network civilization construction in the new era, so as to realize online and offline civilization Building organic integration and mutual promotion will provide a strong ideological guarantee, strong spiritual motivation, strong public opinion support, and good cultural conditions for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country and the realization of the second centenary goal.

The “Opinions” clearly stated that the goal of strengthening the construction of network civilization is: theory armed to occupy new positions, the guiding position of Marxism in the field of network ideology will be further consolidated, the common ideological foundation of the whole party and the people of the country will be further consolidated; cultural cultivation will achieve new ground Achievements, the core values ​​of socialism are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the people’s online spiritual and cultural life has become increasingly healthy and enriched; new steps have been taken in moral construction, the ideological and moral quality of netizens has been significantly improved, and the Internet fashion of upward benevolence and honesty and mutual assistance has become stronger; civilized literacy has been newly improved , The network literacy of young netizens has been continuously improved, the main responsibility of the network platform and the self-discipline of the industry have been effectively implemented; the governance efficiency has been newly improved, the network ecology has been improving, the rule of law in cyberspace has been intensified, and the ability of combating and preventing cyber crimes has continued to improve; In an innovative situation, mass spiritual civilization creation activities are effectively extended to the Internet, network civilization brand activities have been consolidated and improved, and the cyberspace has become clearer.

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The “Opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the ideological guidance of cyberspace. Persist in Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to lead the construction of Internet content, and promote the deepening of the party’s innovative theory. Strengthen the construction of key theoretical websites, public accounts, and clients, closely integrate the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, especially the new changes and new achievements in the development of the party and the country in the new era, and carry out targeted online theoretical publicity activities. Elaborately promote major online themes, strengthen the construction and innovation of online communication methods, and create “phenomenal” communication products. Deeply promote the development of media integration, implement the mobile-first strategy, and increase the construction and promotion of the mobile terminal of mainstream media such as major central and local news organizations and key news websites.

The “Opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of cyberspace culture. Leading the construction of network culture with socialist core values, extensively consolidating the joint efforts of news websites and commercial platforms, and spreading the socialist core values ​​to the majority of netizens and to all aspects of society. In-depth development of online party history learning and education, disseminating the great achievements of our party in various historical periods of revolution, construction, and reform, carrying forward the great spirit of the party and the people in the struggle, and taking a clear-cut stand against historical nihilism. Stimulate the vitality of Chinese excellent traditional culture, create characteristic brand activities and original boutiques that the majority of netizens love to hear, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Enrich the supply of high-quality network cultural products, guide websites, public accounts, clients and other platforms and the majority of netizens to create and produce positive, healthy, and upward-oriented network cultural products, and hold a variety of network cultural activities. Improve the level of online public cultural services, promote the digitalization of major national cultural facilities and state-owned cultural resources, and improve the inclusiveness and convenience of the supply of online public cultural services.

The “Opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the moral construction of cyberspace. Strengthen online moral demonstration and guidance, and extensively carry out online publicity activities of typical cases and deeds such as model workers, models of the times, moral models, the most beautiful people, good people around them, and outstanding volunteers, and promote the formation of a network civilization environment where morality is good, and there is a good experience. . Deepen the construction of network integrity, organize various online and offline brand activities, vigorously spread the culture of integrity, advocate the value concept of honesty and trustworthiness, encourage and support Internet companies and platforms to improve internal integrity standards and mechanisms, and create a good way to run the Internet in accordance with the law and use the Internet in good faith Atmosphere. Develop network public welfare undertakings, implement network public welfare projects in depth, extensively carry out various forms of network civilized voluntary services and network public welfare activities, and build a network public welfare brand.

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The “Opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the code of conduct in cyberspace. Cultivate network ethics and behavioral rules that conform to the core values ​​of socialism, encourage all regions and departments to combine civilization creation work to formulate guidelines for network civilization that meets their own characteristics, standardize online language, and integrate network civilization construction requirements into industry management standards. Efforts will be made to improve youth network literacy, further improve the network literacy education mechanism that integrates the government, school, family, and society, improve the ability of teenagers to use the Internet correctly and safety awareness, and carefully create excellent network cultural products that teenagers are willing to listen to. Improve the working mechanism to prevent young people from indulging in the Internet, resolutely crack down on and stop young people’s cyber bullying in accordance with the law, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people in cyberspace. Strengthen the responsibility of the network platform, strengthen the construction of the website platform community rules and user agreements, and guide the network platform to enhance national security awareness. Strengthen the self-discipline of the Internet industry, adhere to the value orientation of paying equal attention to economic and social benefits, and urge Internet companies to actively perform their social responsibilities. Give full play to the guiding and urging role of industry organizations, promote the healthy and standardized development of the industry, and encourage and support various network social organizations to participate in the construction of network civilization.

The “Opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the ecological governance of cyberspace. In-depth development of network civilization guidance, vigorously strengthen the awareness of network civilization, make full use of important traditional festivals, major festivals and anniversaries to organize and carry out network civilization theme practice activities, educate the majority of netizens to consciously resist bad practices and promote civilized customs. Further standardize the processes of online content production, information release and dissemination, further promote the classification and classification management of public accounts, and build a nationwide online rumor-repelling linkage mechanism based on the China Internet Joint Rumor-repelling Platform. In-depth advancement of the “clear” and “net-net” series of special actions, intensified the fight against online crimes, deepened the governance of uncivilized issues in the fields of public accounts, live streaming, and knowledge questions and answers, and carried out the governance of false information in the Internet field. Improve the complaint and report mechanism for uncivilized Internet phenomena, mobilize the majority of netizens to actively participate in supervision, and promote the co-governance and sharing of cyberspace. Adhere to the governance of cyberspace in accordance with the law, integrate the promotion of socialist core values ​​throughout all links of cyber legislation, law enforcement, justice, and popularization, and give play to the role of laws and regulations in safeguarding good cyber order and establishing a civilized cyber culture. Strengthen the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Law and the Data Security Law, and accelerate the formulation, revision and implementation of laws and regulations such as the Cultural Industry Promotion Law, the Radio and Television Law, the Cybercrime Prevention Law, the Regulations on the Protection of Minors’ Networks, and the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services. Innovatively carry out a series of online law popularization activities to enhance citizens’ legal awareness and literacy in the rule of law.

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The “Opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the creation of cyberspace civilization. Promote the extension of mass spiritual civilization creation activities to the Internet, give full play to the role of the new era civilization practice center and the county-level integrated media center, strengthen the construction of the Internet civilization practice education base for netizens, and promote the development of network civilization construction activities at the grassroots level. Carry out military-civilian joint construction of network civilization activities to promote military-political military-civilian unity. Actively build a platform for dissemination of China’s network civilization concept, experience exchange platform, achievement display platform and international network civilization mutual learning platform. In-depth implementation of the project to be a good netizen in China, guide the vast number of netizens to respect the law, civilized interaction, and rational expression, guide the whole society to improve the quality of network civilization, and purify the network environment.

The “Opinions” require that all regions and departments must fully understand the importance of strengthening the construction of network civilization, and establish a leadership system and working mechanism with unified leadership of the party committee, joint management of the party and government, and relevant departments responsible for their own responsibility, and the active participation of the whole society. The Cyberspace Administration and Civilization Offices at all levels should take the lead and strengthen the organization, guidance, and coordination services for the construction of cyber civilization. Pay attention to the role of online democracy, extensively build platforms, and carry out special activities to attract the majority of netizens, especially young people, to participate in the construction of online civilization. Increase the support of policies and projects, and encourage social forces to provide financial and material support for the construction of network civilization. Strengthen the understanding and grasp of work rules, continue to promote innovations in content forms, methods, and channel carriers, and enhance the targeted effectiveness and attractiveness of the construction of network civilization.

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