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Two captured in the Las Camelias neighborhood, with narcotics

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Two captured in the Las Camelias neighborhood, with narcotics

In the middle of a search in a wooded area of ​​the Las Camelias neighborhood, two men allegedly dedicated to micro-trafficking were captured.

In a joint operation between the community and security forces, the National Police has achieved a significant blow against drug trafficking in Neiva, capturing two individuals and confiscating a significant amount of illegal material.

The intervention took place in commune 10, where thanks to the information provided by local residentsthe anti-narcotics canine Odhi and his handler, along with CAI Palmas agents, carried out a successful operation in the Las Camelias neighborhood.

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During the operationtwo men were found in possession of 1650 grams of marijuana, as well as 250 doses ready for sale, along with processing and packaging equipment. The individuals and items seized have been placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office for subsequent legal proceedings.

The dismantling of this distribution point is crucial for public health and safety, especially for the protection of children and adolescents in the area, who were affected by the presence of this illegal activity.

The outstanding work of canine Odhi stands outwhose work has been fundamental in the fight against micro-trafficking in Neiva since 2022. Colonel Jorge Alberto Delgado Montoya, Acting Commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, expressed his gratitude to the community for their collaboration and urged them to continue providing valuable information through anti-drug line 167, ensuring the absolute confidentiality of informants.

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