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The most beautiful city to help the community fight the epidemic

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The most beautiful city to help the community fight the epidemic

2022-01-06 15:08:14Source: Xi’an News Network

In the past few days, party members and cadres at all levels of the Xi’an Urban Reform Affairs Center have resolutely implemented the city’s anti-epidemic work decisions and arrangements, and actively responded to the call of the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department to “sink the community and work on the front line”. 27 party members and cadres who have sunk in the community In the face of the test of the epidemic, we always charge forward, fight on the front line of the community’s anti-epidemic work, and use practical actions to leave the most beautiful moments in the community’s anti-epidemic work.

Wang Rui, Xu Pei, and Liu Fei, the central cadres in the key control area of ​​Yanta District, reported to the community as soon as possible, from environmental disinfection to nucleic acid testing, from personnel screening and registration to inspections in key places, from Living materials are distributed to the households in difficulty, and they are always at the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control work. Comrade Wang Rui used the lunch break to transport critically ill patients from the community to 521 Hospital for chemotherapy, showing the mission of a Communist Party member.

In the Chanba Ecological District, Wang Wei, a central party member and cadre, is closely cooperating with the community to do epidemic prevention work, and at the same time actively contacting community comrades to connect with businesses around the community, promptly building a convenient service bridge, and effectively solving the needs of the people in the control area. The supply of vegetables, medicines and daily necessities has provided great convenience to the people’s lives.

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Liu Man, the only female cadre in the sinking community of the center, takes up a responsibility in the community’s epidemic prevention work. She took the initiative to participate in the night vegetable delivery work in the community, helped the elderly with disabilities in the community participate in nucleic acid testing, and sent warm babies and cold-proof insoles to the medical workers working in the community…

After receiving the sinking notice, Si Xianhui, the central party member and cadre who was rated as an outstanding city-level party worker, actively communicated with the person in charge of the community as soon as possible, and actively contacted the district manager, the property company, and the district-level contractor to fully understand and master the community The basic situation, closely cooperating with the community for personnel control and nucleic acid testing, coordinating all parties to resolve the problems of household life security, timely handling various emergencies, and assisting in the establishment of a temporary party branch for anti-epidemic staff, which fully reflects a party member The vanguard and exemplary role of cadres.

In Chang’an District, Chen Xiaodong, a party member and cadre of the Center’s Letters and Calls Office, has always adhered to the frontline of the community’s anti-epidemic work, appearing wherever it is needed. Facing the reality of the large number of residents in the community, we continue to work hard in daily nucleic acid testing and vegetable delivery and distribution, and take practical actions to fulfill the mission and responsibilities of party members.

The 27 party members and cadres in the center who sank in the community to fight the epidemic continued to fight on the front line of community epidemic management and control, writing with practical actions the spiritual qualities of party members who are brave to fight, not afraid of sacrifice, and selfless and fearless. (Correspondent Wang Bing)

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