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The Rich and Colorful “Night Mode” of Civilized Practice

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The Rich and Colorful “Night Mode” of Civilized Practice

Title: Summer Nights in the City: Civilized Practice Offers a Wide Range of Evening Services

Subheading: From dance rehearsals to visiting vibrant markets, local communities embrace the “night mode” of civilized practice.

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Byline: Mao Cencen

Summer nights have become a bustling time for various self-service activities in many civilized practice sites across the city. Offering an array of cultural, artistic, and recreational services, these initiatives aim to cater to the diverse interests of local residents, ensuring that the summer evenings are rich and vibrant.

“The dance room is also open at night, and we just come to rehearse!” exclaimed Captain Deng Lijiong of the “Lezhixuan” dance team at the New Era Civilization Practice Center in Huishan District. The dance team, preparing for an upcoming competition, benefits greatly from the extended opening hours of the practice center. By providing a dedicated space for late-night rehearsals, the center supports local artists and performers in their creative pursuits.

The demand for child-friendly activities during the summer vacation continues unabated in Yangshan. The farmhouse in Puzhao Village, Yangshan Town, now remains open until 8:30 p.m. on weekdays and even operates around the clock on weekends. Volunteers diligently act as librarians, organizing numerous reading and sharing activities under the theme “Growing up with the Fragrance of Books.” These activities encourage students to embrace literature, broaden their horizons, and discover the joy of reading during their holidays.

In response to the scorching summer heat, the “Lixiang Jiangyin” learning post in Jiangyin has transformed into a cool spot. The learning station’s opening hours have been extended until 9 p.m., providing residents with a refreshing oasis during the evenings. In addition to offering a diverse selection of books and newspapers, volunteers also provide summer heat relief supplies and first aid medicines. Furthermore, residents can enjoy complimentary drinks such as barley tea, ginseng Wubao tea, and chamomile tea. The “Lixiang Jiangyin” learning station also boasts facilities such as a learning power war machine and a Himalayan reading booth, offering a perfect blend of learning and leisure activities.

The “Friendly All Ages Dance Liangxi” competition in Liangxi District showcases the growing professionalism and skill level of square dance enthusiasts. Taking place in the civilized practice square in front of the masses, the competition encourages citizens of all ages to participate and enjoy the exhilarating dance performances. With 127 teams and 1,508 dancers showcasing fitness dance, folk dance, and street dance, the competition is a visual feast for the audience. Additionally, the organizers have integrated civilized city public service advertisements and knowledge quizzes, ensuring that participants learn about the values of a civilized city while having a ball. In August, Liangxi District plans to host a range of evening civilized practice activities, including a charity bazaar and music salon.

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Hongshan Street in Xinwu District has witnessed a surge in popularity with its “civilized YES village market.” This vibrant market comprises various distinct areas, which allow residents to actively engage in traditional customs experiences, embrace the “cigarette butts do not fall on the ground” civilization advocacy, and explore the unique offerings of the “Little Ghost in Home” trunk market. According to the staff of the Xinwu District Civilization Office, the “Firework Market” series of activities in the Chunchengjiayuan Community have been a resounding success. These activities involve community residents serving as stall owners, offering voluntary services, showcasing interesting handicrafts, promoting convenient shopping, and presenting specialty stores. Moreover, the market enlivens the atmosphere through flash mob performances and other interactive events. This community-driven approach to organizing civilized practice activities strengthens communication channels between the community and its residents, fostering a deeper sense of “civilization link.”

As summer nights continue, the city’s civilized practice initiatives ensure that citizens can revel in a variety of culturally enriching and entertaining experiences. From dance rehearsals to lively markets, these self-service offerings create a remarkable “night mode” that fosters community engagement and promotes a more civilized society.

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