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The splendor of the ancient city of Datong – Tourism – China Engineering Network

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Datong Ancient City Shines with Spectacular New Year Celebrations

The “Datong Year, Big Difference” 2024 New Year series of activities kicked off in the ancient city of Datong on the evening of February 8, attracting thousands of citizens and tourists to experience the unique customs and charm of the historical city.

The event, which will last for 33 days, promises to showcase the profound cultural heritage of the ancient capital and the unique New Year customs of northern Shanxi. The festivities also include opportunities to taste authentic local delicacies and participate in folk intangible cultural heritage check-in activities.

The evening of the opening ceremony was filled with excitement as the newly decorated South City Wall was complemented by dazzling lights, and the scene was bustling with people. The cast and crew dressed in Northern Wei Dynasty costumes, and the IP heroine Hua Mulan led the soldiers to open the door at Yonghe Gate with a “Light Encouragement Ceremony.” Festive drum beats, majestic lion dances, and captivating performances added to the grandeur of the event.

The opening song and dance show “Fu Yao Datong” and the “Dragon and Lion Dance for a Thousand Years” highlighted the strong New Year atmosphere. Additionally, the “Long Journey of Fortune” illuminated the New Year’s Eve of Datong, with themed lighting groups showcasing the traditional flavor of the New Year and the unparalleled charm of New Year customs and culture.

The New Year series of activities are designed to fully explore the cultural connotation of the traditional Spring Festival festival, including intangible cultural heritage, cultural creations, and special flavor delicacies. This multi-dimensional approach aims to create a joyful and peaceful festival atmosphere for both locals and tourists.

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Throughout the 33-day event, the ancient city of Datong will be filled with various celebrations, including dragons from all over the world celebrating together, special food events, dragon dances, and masterful craftsmanship. The activities aim to provide a memorable and exciting experience for all visitors, as they welcome the Year of the Dragon amidst the gorgeous lights and festive atmosphere.

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