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the tradition that connects us young people with our roots

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the tradition that connects us young people with our roots

The Piloneras Parade is a celebration that connects us with our deepest roots. It is a tradition that pays tribute to the dance of Pylon, an artistic and cultural manifestation that is an essential part of the identity of Valledupar and its surroundings. It is the prelude to the prestigious Vallenato Festival and for more than thirty years it has immersed us in a journey to the past, evoking memories of our ancestors and their daily work.

The initiative of Cecilia ‘La Polla’ Monsalvo to rescue this dance and turn it into a festive and massive event is worthy of admiration. Monsalvo, with her passion, managed to transform an almost forgotten roots into a cultural event that is now a fundamental piece of the Vallenata Legend Festival. In his words, Monsalvo expressed his desire to keep this dance alive and preserve its essence for future generations: “I only want the dance that is carried through various parts of Valledupar to remain over time with all its load of memories and in the same way.” like our grandparents did.” Today, her legacy has become a reality and continues to be fulfilled.

The parade is not only an exhibition of the Pilón dance, but also a conclave of diverse artistic and cultural expressions, a carnival that celebrates the richness and diversity of Vallenato culture. The verses of the piloneras fill the air, accompanied by traditional music, creating a festive atmosphere that invites men and women to dance and sing together. ‘To whom do you sing here, to whom do you thank, to those who come from outside or to the owners of the house’ is the essence of the verses heard at this festival, reflecting the gratitude and hospitality of the Vallenato people. .

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The origin of the Pilón dance is fundamental to understand its importance, as Consuelo Araujonoguera pointed out: “The Pilón dance is a rite that became a dance because it began as a song and then became a dance. When people say: ‘Who is sung to here, who is thanked’ they are singing in the rhythm of a walk, that melody is a slow walk…The chorus is a fast song and the melody is the rhythm of a walk”. This vision captures the essence of vallenato folklore, in which music and dance intertwine to tell stories and share experiences.

On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the love and dedication of ‘La Polla’ Monsalvo, who worked tirelessly to promote and preserve Vallenato folklore. His work was key to cultural progress in the region, promoting the creation of institutions such as the Rafael Escalona Vallenato Talent School and the Traditional Vallenata Music in the Youth Category.

Witnessing our parade and participating in it is much more than viewing a simple cultural manifestation; It is an opportunity to reflect on how this tradition is managed today. The comfort of attendees and proper organization are essential to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the celebration. High prices and clutter can discourage participation from those who want to be a part of this event. Furthermore, the parade is a link with our roots and a tribute to those who have worked hard to keep this tradition alive.

We must value and protect this legacy in the best way, ensuring that it continues to be a celebration that unites us as a community and preserves the essence of Vallenato culture for future generations.

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Attributing to me the power of a felt vallenata, to the cielo I send the promise to do everything I can to fulfill the desire that this dance, and in general all the tradition related to our folklore, remain as my greatest reference, the one that our predecessors left us declared to the new generations.

I promise to keep our tradition alive.

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