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They ask deputies from Alto Paraná to manage more than 15 ICUs for public hospitals

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They ask deputies from Alto Paraná to manage more than 15 ICUs for public hospitals

They request 10 neonatal ICUs and 5 specialized beds for adults.

The organization PAS (Protect, Love and Save) yesterday presented a note, specifically addressed to the eight deputies for Alto Paraná, to request them to urgently carry out the necessary steps before the Ministry of Health and the Itaipu Binational Entity to provide more Units Intensive Care Unit (UTI), both neonatal and adult, to the public hospitals of the tenth department.

The PAS Organization indicated that although its focus is to fight against sexual abuse in children and adolescents, it cannot ignore the numerous needs, and the large number of parents who come to them daily, requesting therapy beds. intensive, alleging that they constantly receive as an answer only that there is no availability in Ciudad del Este. For this reason, we have decided to take a firm position and join this official request addressed to our authorities, they said.

In the letter signed by the lawyers, Wilson Benítez and Alice Monges (president of the PAS Organization) addressed the eight representatives elected by Alto Paraná, Liz Acosta, Luis “Tiki” González, Rocío Abed and Bettina Aguilera; as well as Miguel Martínez, Roya Torres, Walter García and Guillermo Rodríguez.

In it they maintain, “We have suffered firsthand the lament of our compatriots, who wander from city to city every day, and in some cases must go to the Capital, to get a bed in intensive care, due to the pressing ‘pandemic’ of respiratory problems.

They added that, due to the prevailing need, they are encouraged to ask the aforementioned legislators to manage, as quickly as possible, at least 10 neonatal ICU beds and another 5 ICUs for adults to help the people of Alto Paraná.

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They added that the statistics are alarming, because of every 10 newborns, 3 die due to the lack of a specialized unit, so the situation is already unsustainable.

The head of the PAS Foundation, Abog. Alice Monges specified that up to 6 children die per day, because admission to private hospitals can only be accessed with protection.

Now they hope that more groups join the request, and of course, to obtain a favorable response from the legislative authorities, and if possible, from the new National Government.

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