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They capture alleged members of an armed group in Huila

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They capture alleged members of an armed group in Huila

Two alleged members of an armed group captured in Palermo, Huila: National Army and CTI seized weapons and administration.

In a joint operation, troops of the Military Gaula of the Ninth Brigade and CTI agents managed to capture two individuals in flagrante delictoallegedly linked to the organized armed group Darío Gutiérrez Front in the municipality of Palermo, Huila.

According to reports, this action was carried out as part of the strategic objectives of the Ayacucho Campaign Plan, aimed at protecting the civilian population and reducing the threat capabilities in the region.

The suspects were intercepted while traveling in a vehiclewhere a considerable arsenal of war and administration was found.

“In the operation, 3 long weapons, 2 pistols, 7 rifle suppliers, 3 metal suppliers, ammunition, military-type vests, tactical divers and the Renault Twingo vehicle were seized. Those captured and the seized material were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities. These subjects must respond for the crimes of extortion, manufacture, trafficking and possession of firearms or ammunition,” the Army reported.

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It is worth mentioning that the GAO-r Darío Gutiérrez Front subjected more than 50 merchants from the department of Huila to extortionate intimidation,” the Army stated.

The detainees, along with the confiscated material, have been placed at the disposal of the relevant authorities.. They are charged with extortion, manufacturing, trafficking and carrying firearms or ammunition.

The National Army calls on the civilian population to report any criminal act through line 147 of the Military Gaula, as part of the efforts to combat the criminal activity of organized armed groups in the region and weaken their operational capacity in the department of Huila.

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