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Timochenko’s support for the Petro government

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Timochenko’s support for the Petro government

Regarding the resurgence of violence in various areas of the country, as “solely responsible” for what happened in The Wells (Caqueta) the president was defined Gustavo Petro through his Twitter account. The kidnapping of 78 policemen and the murder of one of them continues to be a topic of conversation and news, because he was captured for these events. Javier Antonio Castro, Commander of the Caquetá Police, because a judge determined that there was “inaction” before the call for help from his subordinates.

The President of the Republic expanded his statement as follows:

“I do not want judges who pressure children to be bombed, to make false positives, or to massacre protesters. My troops will never bomb children. I answer before the military judge who judges my police chief in Caquetá for my orders not to kill to the civilian population”.

He also said that “the best international jurists in defense of human rights will be hired to defend police officers who defend human rights in Colombia.”

In this way, the president made it clear to Colonel Castro that the government will not leave him alone and that, furthermore, it will be the president himself who will give the respective explanations that to this day continue to be demanded by civil society and not a few international observers. .

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