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Today they march to demand greater security in the East

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Today they march to demand greater security in the East

Several social organizations, merchants and the general public will march from the local commune to the Alto Paraná governorate.

A large number of people prepare to march in the central streets of Ciudad del Este. The objective of the mobilization is to demand greater security from the National Police, the Judiciary and the Public Ministry.

The protesters are arriving in front of the Municipality to participate in the march. Among the protesters are representatives of businesses in the central area of ​​Ciudad del Este, as well as officials from the municipality of Ciudad del Este. The march will be on Bernardino Caballero Avenue to the headquarters of the Alto Paraná governorate, and then go to the headquarters of the Judiciary on the same avenue.

The demonstration was called by the mayor of Ciudad del Este himself, Miguel Prieto, in the face of the wave of assaults and robberies both in this capital

departmental as in the entire tenth department.

On Saturday, Prieto also led an operation in the campaign against “piranitas” who operate in the downtown area, which consisted of providing information to tourists, in order not to fall into the hands of these characters.

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