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Trump reiterates that there are no arguments against him for electoral disqualification

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Donald Trump pointed out that there is “no case” against him to disqualify him in next November’s general elections. EFE

The former president of the United States Donald Trump he pointed this Thursday, February 8, 2024 that There is “no case” against him for disqualify him in the elections November generals next and that it is more of a case of “electoral interference by Democrats.”

In a brief press conference that he offered outside his residence in South Florida, the former president (2017-2021) spoke as follows after the conclusion of the hearing in the United States Supreme Court that will determine whether he is disqualified from office. return to the White House for his role in the January 2021 assault on the Capitol.

«“It was not an insurrection,” Trump said.who added that there were no firearms among the protesters who entered the Capitol, an assertion that contrasts with the “dangerous and deadly weapons” that, according to the US Department of Justice, they carried at least 116 people charged for his participation in the assault.

The former president highlighted his good position in the polls, both in the Republican party primaries and in an eventual face to face with the American president, the Democrat. Joe Biden, who aspires to re-election.

“You are leading the country by a lot and everywhere you beat the person who is leading (Biden),” added the former president from Mar-a-Lago, his residence in Palm Beach, who indicated that they want to prevent his candidacy.

“I think it is quite difficult to do, but I leave it in the hands of the Supreme Court,” he added.

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Before journalists, Trump expressed his confidence in the highest US judicial body, as well as in the president of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, and noted that the His defense arguments are “strong”.

The former president at the same time defended presidential immunity, one of the arguments of his lawyers, and stated that it is “imperative.”

«If a president does not have immunity, he really does not have the Presidency«, he delved.

In today’s hearing, both the most progressive and most conservative justices – among them Roberts – showed their reluctance about the implications at the national level if the state of Colorado’s decision to eliminate Trump from the Republican primaries for his role in the assault on the Capitol.

Many of them suggested in their interventions discomfort with the idea of ​​individual states interpreting eligibility constitutional of a candidate for a national office. EFE

Trump clashes with the court that is studying whether he can go to trial for the assault on the Capitol

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