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Until when do the Olímpica, Ara and Éxito discounts last?

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Until when do the Olímpica, Ara and Éxito discounts last?

Inflation and the rise in prices of various products in the family basket have caused concern in Colombians. Against this background, last May the Ara supermarket chain announced discounts of 10% to 45% on several of its own items.

At that time, the president of the organization explained:

“We are attentive to the needs of Colombians, we understand and are aware of the reality of thousands of households in the country, which is why we decided to take action and at this critical moment, contribute to the purpose of guaranteeing the country’s food security. For this reason, the product portfolio was chosen to have the greatest possible relief in the basket of Colombian households, taking into account that they are our reason for being and working.”

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Given Ara’s move, Éxito was not far behind and together with Olímpica they also decided to opt for the same market strategy. In the case of Success, he pointed out that he began his campaign called “Insuperables”, through which he Juicy discounts were applied to more than 500 products of the family basket in all its branches in the country.

Within the articles enter pasta, detergents, rice, shampoo, oil, eggs, milk, water, chicken, ground beef, toilet paper, sugar, bleach and cheese.

“The offer of products with “Unbeatable” prices in all Éxito stores in the country seeks to lighten the pocket of Colombians, thanks to the immediate savings it generates. There are more than 500 products, a large part of them from the basic basket, which in relation to quality-price have the lowest cost on the market. Around 80% of these products are purchased from Colombian producers and suppliers”, said the vice president of retail, Jorge Jaller.

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Likewise, the ‘Low Prices’ initiative, promoted by the Olympic chain, was also implemented to counteract the effects of inflation. For this, discounts were made on 400 products from the categories of groceries, meats, fruits and vegetables, grains, personal hygiene and household hygiene.

On the question of whether the discounts would continue during this month of June, there is uncertainty among the public since there is no official information from these chain stores, but it is believed that prices will stabilize again as they were before the measure; However, it has been possible to show that the supermarket campaigns are still in force in these first days of June, it remains to be seen how long this market strategy will go.

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