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Vaccines: obligation for Swiss Guards, three no-vax leave

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They swear to serve the Pope faithfully by offering their lives if necessary. But they hadn’t expected to have the Covid vaccine. This is why three Swiss no-vax guards have given up their service in the Vatican. In all, the vaccine-free Guards, which have become mandatory for them, were six. But three of them agreed to get vaccinated. This was reported by the Swiss newspaper “Tribune de Geneve”. The spokesman for the Swiss Guards Urs Breitenmoser, confirming the news, said that three halberdiers have left their service “freely”, while three others are suspended from their duties until they have completed the vaccination cycle. “It is a measure that adapts to that of other army corps in the world“, says the spokesman for the Pope’s army.

From October 1st, the Green pass is mandatory in the Vatican for all employees, which can be obtained not only with the vaccine but also with a negative test. In the specific case of the Swiss Guards, who are always in close contact with the Pope and his guests, it was felt that the test was not enough because it could not detect recent infections and therefore the path of mandatory vaccine was chosen.


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