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Val di Zoldo, drones and helicopters to search for the missing elderly person

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Val di Zoldo, drones and helicopters to search for the missing elderly person

83-year-old Renzo Costantin left the Clio in Pontesei and has no cell phone. The canine units are also on the field

VAL DI ZOLDO. He left the car, a Clio, at the Pontesei dam: he had to do the usual tour, but he never returned from that walk.

The searches for Renzo Costantin, the 83-year-old Zoldo missing since Monday evening continued yesterday, too: in the middle of the storm, the alarm went off for his disappearance which mobilized carabinieri, firefighters and mountain rescue. Yesterday the firefighters searched for him with drones, then two reconnaissance with the helicopters of the regional Venice around 16 in the afternoon, but the result was still negative.

Traces of the 83-year-old have been lost. And on the side of the rescuers there is not even the GPS to meet them: the elderly man went out without a mobile phone.

The first patrols, already on Monday evening, were concentrated in the area around Casera Col Marsang and, from new information gathered yesterday morning, the rescuers should have moved to Val de Doa. Here they would have narrowed down the lines in particular; but, in the evening, no news of the old man.

The Val di Zoldo Alpine Rescue with the mobile coordination center, the Alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza of Cortina and Auronzo, the firefighters moved on the spot. Yesterday the molecular units of the CNSAS were also used, while the firefighters fielded the supplied drones.

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Renzo Costantin is 83 years old and from Forno di Zoldo: yesterday there were also some announcements and appeals on social media, like the one posted by the Belluno Alpine Rescue. The old man left his home in Campo to go for a walk. He was not new to these experiences, only that on Monday he disappeared: he used to make excursions in the part of the territory where he is sought, even if precisely this time he would not have left the precise point of his walk told.

The Alpine Rescue explains that the man could have headed towards Col Marsang or towards Val di Doa, but there is no precise information on the matter; which makes the rescuers’ jokes even more difficult.

Anyone who has seen it, however, is requested to contact the carabinieri. It is known about Costantin that he is one meter and 73 centimeters tall and has graying hair and brown eyes: unfortunately, we do not know the type of clothing he wore when he left home to go for his walk. Today they resume the jokes with a more numerous deployment of men.

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