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Vische, the introduction of the transparent orange bag is positive

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Since September there has been a decrease of 10 to 20% in unsorted waste


The collection of unsorted waste in transparent orange bags from SCS, Società Canavesana Servizi, works. Vische is one of those municipalities that has activated this mode. And since September there has been a decrease of 10 to 20% in unsorted waste. Mayor Federico Merlo explains: «Last September we distributed a roll of orange bags from house to house (the roll contains 26 bags). People had to use that bag exclusively for unsorted waste and except for a few sporadic cases, they were very careful and responsible. We are all very satisfied that the importance of this collection has been understood. As a rule, if it differs correctly, you should use one bag per week. Unfortunately, however, it must be pointed out that someone arrived in the municipality to ask for a new roll: in that case, obviously something did not work. But let’s talk about sporadic cases. The roll we gave in September should be used until the end of the year and the SCS employees will continue to come by every Saturday morning to collect the bag ».

The mayor of Vische, however, goes further and explains: «There are very good data, but we want to continue to sensitize the entire population to continue with this important formula for the collection of undifferentiated waste, it is an increasingly important aspect and to which we care a lot. An invitation that we want to make to the population is to try, as far as possible, to produce less waste: if there was the possibility, for example, of buying loose and unpackaged products, this solution must be practiced “. As regards the distribution of the orange bags, also in 2022 it will be possible to go to the Municipality for the collection of the roll. “Exclusively in specific cases, however – he underlines – we can also give two rolls to a family unit, but there must be a proven need that we will appropriately verify”.

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Vische is also among the countries in first place in Canavese for waste reduction: in fact, making a comparison between September 2020 and September 2021, the municipality of the lower Canavese area has had an 8% reduction in unsorted waste, i.e. from 72 % from a year ago to 80% from just two months ago. Loris Ponsetto

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