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We did not give a peso for Petro’s campaign: wife of ‘Nephew’

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We did not give a peso for Petro’s campaign: wife of ‘Nephew’

The commotion continues on the political scene due to a report by Noticias Caracol in which it denounces possible illegal financing of President Gustavo Petro’s campaign in Casanare by Juan Carlos López Macías alias ‘Sobrino’, an extradited drug trafficker and repeat offender along with his wife, Sandra Navarro. However, the latter denied these claims.

In dialogue with Blu Radio, Navarro She denied that she and her husband have provided resources for the campaign of the current Head of State in Yopal. Faced with the videos published by the newscast, where you can see the woman together with “Sobrino” participating in political acts in favor of the then candidate for the Historical Pact, he stated that his presence was due to that of two citizens who were supporting the candidate of your choice.

“We did not give a single peso for the campaign,” Sandra Navarro emphatically pointed out to the radio medium.

The report

The Caracol News Investigative Unit published a report this Sunday indicating that Juan Carlos López and his wife Sandra Navarro, who, according to the media, was a member of Colombia Humana, were hosts of various political parties that they held in their own home in favor of the campaign of today’s president.

Juan Carlos López Macías, alias ‘Sobrino’, is a drug trafficker who had already been extradited to the United States in February 2013 for drug trafficking. Upon returning to Colombia, he relapsed under the facade of being a rice businessman.

Likewise, the report adds that the Prosecutor’s Office has “telephone interceptions that would reveal the logistical coordination that Sandra Navarro made to receive political leaders of the Historical Pact in the region.”

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President’s reaction

Since Sunday, President Gustavo Petro has ruled on what was reported by the media in question, not only denying the information published, but also asking Colombia Humana to initiate legal proceedings. In the same way, the president asked the media to rectify the information

Similarly, he wrote on his X account, formerly Twitter, that “With that slander they will not cover up the scandal of the ruta del sol II. They have tried to insinuate with these people that here they are interviewing other media that financed our campaign when I publicly and on time ordered that there was no need to collect regional funds and everything was centralized in the national management. Even those involved deny Caracol that he falls for the lie of his source, that respecting his identity that I know, he is in a seditious attitude.”

For its part, the aforementioned outlet pointed out that “before the questioning of President Gustavo Petro, Noticias Caracol reaffirms the allegations made in the report of the Investigative Unit.”

It should be remembered that the financing of the Petro campaign is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Electoral Council after several complaints of alleged irregular entry into it.

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