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“We do not have in Cali any group that territorially controls the space”

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“We do not have in Cali any group that territorially controls the space”

The Vice Ombudsman, Luis Andrés Fajardo, assured that criminal groups such asl Aragua train and Mexican bands they were exercising territorial controls in various areas of Cali.

This according to Fajardo, because they are complying with orders that would arrive from the cartels of MexicoAlthough it would not be about Mexican citizens committing crimes in the country, but rather actions that are orchestrated from the Central American country.

“There is a kind of absorption, subcontracting by foreign criminal gangs, which are somehow related to and manage certain groups within the territory… I am talking about gangs that belong to Mexico and although they are not Mexican citizens who they are committing crimes here, these gangs have control, hire, send messages, exercise territorial control from the hiring of small criminal groups that are made up of people here in the city of Cali,” said the vice-defender.

These declarations generated that the mayor of the capital of the Valley, Jorge Iván Ospina, to attack the officialasking him to approach him and present him with the evidence that supports his accusation.

“I would like the vice-defender, before making a statement of this order in view of such danger, to go to the mayor, bring the respective evidence and show us where is the Tren de Aragua and the Mexican cartels”, said the mayor of the capital of Valle.

“Because of the intelligence information provided to us by the Police and the Army, We do not have in the city of Cali any group that territorially controls the spacethat it carry out extortion actions, that call itself the Tren de Aragua or the Sinaloa clan, therefore, respect the vice-defender, because what it does is create an unnecessary alarm”, added the mayor Iván Ospina.

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