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“Why didn’t anyone say that before?” Where legal advice helps women in Linz

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“Why didn’t anyone say that before?”  Where legal advice helps women in Linz

Starting a family is imminent. They move into their first home together. A separation is imminent. The reasons why women seek advice and help from preventive legal advice vary. The consultations are carried out on behalf of the city of Linz by lawyers from the autonomous women’s center. Last year alone, 744 hours of counseling were provided for women in Linz – around 100 more than in previous years.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” This question is one that is asked again and again, says Andrea Jobst-Hausleithner from the autonomous women’s center. Women are often not even aware of the economic consequences that parental leave or part-time work can have. Or what it means when loans are paid by the man alone or what difference it makes whether a woman lives in a civil partnership or a marriage – especially when the relationship breaks down.

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Information and education is therefore the heart of preventative legal advice; the Linz Women’s Office is also active here with lectures and workshops.

A topic that comes up again and again in consultations is voluntary pension splitting. This stipulates that the working parent (usually the man) voluntarily transfers parts of his account credit to the parent raising the child. Jobst-Hausleithner knows from experience that it is important to strengthen women’s financial knowledge and provision.

Financial independence as a decisive factor

In the debate surrounding male violence, the structural economic conditions that keep women in violent relationships are not sufficiently highlighted: “Financial independence is a basic prerequisite for women to be able to free themselves from such situations.”

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“A lack of financial and legal security can be a threat to the existence of women, especially in old age,” said City Councilor for Women Eva Schobesberger (Greens), underlining the importance of this awareness and advice work. In order to prevent women from becoming supplicants, mandatory pension splitting must be introduced, Schobesberger sees a need for action – also with a view to income transparency and mandatory paternity leave.


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