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Witness of the case Laura Sarabia would have appeared dead in Bogotá

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Witness of the case Laura Sarabia would have appeared dead in Bogotá

In the midst of the scandal surrounding the High Government due to illegal interceptions and the irregular performance of a polygraph test on Marelbys Meza, ex-nanny of former chief of staff Laura Sarabia, a new episode has scandalized public opinion. Apparently, one of the key witnesses in the case appeared lifeless inside a vehicle in Bogotá.

This is Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Dávila, head of the Anticipatory Security Office of the Presidential Security and who apparently was in charge of the office in which the polygraph test was carried out against Laura Sarabia’s former worker. In fact, from the same office, the instructions would have been given in the case of chuzadas in which both Meza and another worker also of the former chief of staff were included.

The man’s body was found by his escort, near Calle 22 Bis # 48, Teusaquillo, Bogotá, after he left him alone for a moment and went to get a bottle of water that his protégé requested. . Upon returning, he reportedly found Dávila with a bullet wound.

For now, the authorities have not made it clear whether the death is due to a hitman act or suicide by the man.

Oscar Darío Dávila had expressed days ago his complete willingness to appear before the Attorney General’s Office in the framework of the investigation carried out by the investigative entity for the illegal interceptions of Marelbys Meza, who was included in a list of the Clan del Golfo under the alias ‘La cocinera’, allegedly close to the criminal leader alias ‘Siopas’. False accusations without real support.

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