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Woman receives insulting words on courier parcels and refuses 1,000 yuan compensation, just wanting to say-People

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Recently, a netizen posted on Weibo that she purchased a fascia gun online in mid-September. When she received the express delivery two days later, she found that the parcel was written with many unsightly insults, and complained to the express company and the 12305 postal industry several times. No reply was received on this matter. In response to this, the express company responded to the Jimu News reporter, saying that since receiving the complaint, the company has begun to investigate the matter. Due to the large number of express personnel and links, the truth has not been found yet, and verification takes time.

On the afternoon of October 2, the Jimu News reporter contacted the netizen Zhang Yuan (pseudonym). She said that on the morning of September 10, she placed an online order to buy a fascia gun for massage. On the afternoon of September 12, She received the package. “At that time, when I saw the words on the express package, my whole person was dumbfounded.” Zhang Yuan said.

The video shows that at 6:59:39 on September 12, a male sorter spotted the package with insults written on it. He picked up the package and looked at it for about 24 seconds, and then handed it to the female sorter who was standing opposite. The picker, the female picker picked it up and looked at it for about 8 seconds, then continued to put it back on the conveyor belt.

“The express company mentioned to me about 500 yuan compensation. After I uttered on Weibo, the site boss returned to my work place and asked me to scan the QR code of the cashier for 1,000 yuan, saying it was spiritual compensation, but I refused. Zhang Yuan said that her request was not for compensation or compensation. The insulting words on the package made her intolerable. She believed that the express company should investigate this matter carefully.

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On the afternoon of October 2, a reporter from Jimu News contacted the headquarters of the express company involved in this matter.The staff said that after receiving Zhang Yuan’s complaint about the incident, the company’s safety supervision department and customer service department have begun investigations.

It was verified that the package was collected by Yiwu outlets on September 10, and was transferred and sorted through Yiwu and Ezhou, Hubei. The parcel was dispatched to Wuhan Sports Institute outlets at 4 pm on September 12, and the complainant signed for it.

The staff member stated that after the incident, the person in charge of the express outlet contacted the complainant to apologize as soon as possible. On the one hand, he continued to verify the truth, and on the other hand, he was willing to give the customer 500 yuan in cash compensation because of the bad service experience. , The complainant refused.


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