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World Cancer Day

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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4 of each year, with the aim of raising awareness and mobilizing society to advance in the prevention and control of this disease. For this year, the Colombian League Against Cancer is launching the campaign ‘Destroying myths about cancer’ with the aim of increasing knowledge on how to prevent and treat this disease, and closing the gaps to misinformation.

Dr. Maria Teresa Romero Henao, manager of the Risaralda Cancer League explains that it is a disorder of cells that atrophy, disorganize and infect each other, it can be a solid or liquid cancer that if not diagnosed on time , it becomes a malignant tumor that can be fatal, but in the League they have been in charge of educating the community by visiting public and private contexts to teach about risk factors, healthy lifestyle habits and self-esteem to examine and get to know each other.

In a personal way, he tells us that cancer most of the time behaves like a silent disease, but that it is a painful and beautiful subject because the simplicity of life is once again valued. In her case, having been diagnosed with her was a blessing that shook her off and gave her a new chance at life that made her more loving with herself and with others, without changing her character and demands as a professional. . God gave her another opportunity in life to understand this process, to improve within the institution and within her personal life.


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In the League, when a cancer diagnosis is given, a life diagnosis is given and the aim is to inform the patient and his family in a positive way in the company of a psychologist, a social worker, complying with the protocols or times of diagnosis and treatment, At the same time, surgery or chemotherapy must be performed for this therapeutic window to really take effect.

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Among the added values ​​of La Liga is psychosocial support to prevent the patient from feeling rejection of treatment and adherence to it.
The patient is educated, guided and explained what is happening and what can happen so that they take into account the care that must be followed in food and how to deal with the symptoms that are generated after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, symptoms such as discouragement , vomiting or diarrhea.


According to Globocan data, in 2020 the number of new cancer cases was 113,221, with 54,987 deaths.


She is the owner of the diagnosis who is in charge of navigating the system to find out the pathologies and identify that cancer has occurred to take care of the times of the pathology, then she communicates with the EPS to activate the alarms and through shortcuts so that in the times required receive the treatment you require and deserve.

Of 310 new cases of cancer in the country, 151 die from this cause. Dr. Romero indicates that these statistics are due to the fact that the treatments are not opportune, or because people abort the treatment or decide not to do it. But if we raise awareness, educate, and all of us work on this disease that has become a near public health pandemic, we will save more lives.


Avoiding the consumption of fatty or fried foods is essential, as well as avoiding processed or canned foods as much as possible because these contain high doses of preservatives and preservatives, reducing sugar consumption is ideal, as well as reducing the amounts of salt in food.

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Instead, eating foods like fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish or eggs will make a big difference.

The cooking of food is good if it is roasted or steamed, complying with the cooking times that allow the nutrients they possess to be preserved.


The types of cancer with the highest percentage of new cases were:

mama (13,7%),
prostate (12.8%),
stomach (7.3%),
colón (6,7%)


It is very important to learn to know yourself internally and externally to identify changes.
One way to do it is to see yourself naked in the mirror and recognize changes that may occur, for example, in the skin and, if this is the case, go to expert dermatologists and not cosmetic or aesthetic ones.

Learning to know the breasts and their morphology will allow you to identify changes in them and in the case of men, knowing the morphology of the testicles will help you detect changes in time.

The appearance of urine and feces can reveal certain internal changes and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to these.


Photo: The Journal
Photo: The Journal

Support is required in this process, but it is the patient who has the freedom to receive it, since it should not be imposed. The family must be present and understand the changes in mood. The doctor often does not have the tact to give the diagnosis because every day he is immersed in that reality that is new for the patient. That is why in the League Against Cancer the diagnosis is given with a support group that calls the patient and his family.

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Avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and vapers; perform physical activities at least three times a week, eat a healthy diet, control stress, avoid permanent exposure to sunlight and chemical products; Using sunscreen and attending regular medical check-ups can reduce cancer risk factors.


Dr. Maria Teresa Romero Henao, manager of La Liga Contra el Cáncer risaraLda “Aware of life, of the wonders of God and of caring for the lives of others. This is a process that commits the family, because it is a moment in life that allows the person to value and look at life in a different way.”

Preventing and treating cancer with timely and appropriate treatment can save lives.


On February 26, 2023, the Risaralda League Against Cancer will carry out “Running Salvas Vidas 2023” 10K and 5K. Registration and sale of kits is available through www.ligacancerrrisaralda. com.co for more information contact 3117998209

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