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Xi Jinping’s Holiday Greetings Inspire Farmers and Workers in Agricultural Sector

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 22 – In honor of the sixth “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival,” General Secretary Xi Jinping has extended his holiday congratulations and sincere greetings to farmers and individuals involved in the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” sector. His message emphasizes the importance of accelerating agricultural and rural modernization, promoting rural revitalization, and consolidating food security.

Farmers across the country have expressed their gratitude for General Secretary Xi Jinping’s warm message and have pledged to actively participate in the practice of agricultural and rural modernization. They aim to strengthen food security, promote rural revitalization, and work towards building a powerful agricultural country and a beautiful countryside fit for industrial development.

During this harvest season, farmers have faced various challenges due to unpredictable weather patterns. Li Dianyou, a villager from Heilongjiang Province, shared that despite the heavy rainfall affecting 20 acres of his rice fields, he remains determined to make every effort to reduce losses and ensure a stable and safe supply of grain. Similar determination is felt by Zhao Yanjie from Henan Province, who expressed gratitude for the guidance and support received during relentless rain during the wheat harvest. He is hopeful for a fruitful corn harvest.

In various regions throughout China, the scene of abundant harvests is becoming increasingly common. In Anhui Province, a million acres of soybeans are expected to be harvested in less than a week, while in Jilin Province, corn fields are ready for a bumper harvest. Farmers and agricultural cooperatives are implementing advanced technologies to increase efficiency and yield. Li Xinsheng, from Shandong Province, highlights the importance of technological modernization in achieving agricultural modernization. Lu Wei, from Hainan Province, emphasizes the role of large-scale operation and high-quality production in driving agricultural development. Researchers in Sanya are also focused on the fundamental aspect of agricultural modernization – seed industry research and breeding.

The goals of building a livable, industrial, and beautiful countryside are also being pursued by farmers across the country. Liu Yuhao, from Sichuan Province, has seen remarkable success in growing pomegranates, upgrading varieties, and expanding sales methods. Local authorities in Huili City stress the importance of increasing farmers’ income by strengthening the agricultural industry chain and promoting local specialties. In Kunming City, efforts to create a picturesque and harmonious rural environment are underway, with individuals like Fang Xingyang actively working towards making the village more beautiful and livable.

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General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions have provided farmers with a clear direction and a renewed sense of purpose. Farmers and individuals in the “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” sector remain committed to their work, striving to contribute to the nation’s agricultural and rural modernization efforts. With their dedication and hard work, they aim to build a strong agricultural country and a countryside that is not only industrialized but also beautiful and livable.

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