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Zhou Xiaohui: Meng Hongwei’s sudden voice is strange or involved in high-level internal fighting | Interpol | Hu Binchen

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[Epoch Times November 20, 2021]Recently, according to overseas media reports, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) will hold a conference in Istanbul, Turkey from November 23 to 25. Member of the first executive committee. It is reported that Hu Binchen, deputy director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, is one of the candidates for the executive committee of the Asian region. He will compete for two seats with candidates from Singapore and India.

If elected, Hu Binchen will become one of the 13 members supervising Interpol, and will have the power to formulate the overall policy of Interpol and determine the nature of the annual conference. In this regard, this matter has aroused the attention of the “Transnational Parliamentary Alliance for China Policy” (IPAC). 50 members of the alliance have sent letters to high-level government officials, believing that “Hu Binchen’s entry into the executive committee will continue to abuse the international Interpol gave the green light and put thousands of Hong Kong, Uyghur, Tibet, Taiwan, and Chinese dissidents living overseas in more serious danger.”

While human rights groups and international politics are paying attention to this, Gao Ge, the wife of Vice Minister of Public Security Meng Hongwei, who once served as the chairman of Interpol, once again accepted an exclusive interview with the Associated Press, bluntly saying that the Chinese Communist government is the “devil.” And complained for her husband.

According to a report by the Associated Press on November 18, unlike the previous camera or camera, Gao Ge faced the reporter’s camera and camera lens for the first time. She said that in the past three years, she has learned how to coexist with the devil (the Chinese Communist Party) authorities. The reason why the CCP is called the devil is “because they devour their own children.” She also said that she is completely unaware of the current whereabouts and health of Meng Hongwei, who is about to turn 68, and she is not even sure whether Meng Hongwei is still alive in this world.

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She also defended her husband, saying that the CCP’s allegations against him were all fictitious and that Meng Hongwei was purged “because he used his power to promote reform.” “This is a fake case. It is a typical case in which political disagreements have been turned into criminal offences.” “The corruption situation in China today is very serious and everywhere. However, there are two views on how to solve the problem of corruption. One is. It is the method currently used, and the other is to promote constitutional democracy and solve the problem from the root.”

The sudden vocalization of Gao Ge makes people feel very strange. First, the timing is unusual. One is before the officials of the Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China will be elected as members of the new INTERPOL Executive Committee; the second is shortly after the end of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Secondly, criticizing the CCP as a “devil” is unusual, and there is something in the words. Both Meng Hongwei and Gao Ge are beneficiaries of the CCP system. According to the CCP’s report, Meng Hongwei’s “privilege thoughts are extremely serious, private use of public power, abuse of power, wanton squandering state assets to satisfy family extravagant life; Special and self-interested”.

According to earlier reports by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the media, since Meng Hongwei became the head of the China Coast Guard, more than 10 active border guards and coast guard soldiers have been sent to his home to provide daily services. After Gao Ge married Meng Hongwei in 2005, he took advantage of her husband’s power to serve as directors and executives of many companies, and received an annual salary of more than RMB 5 million. Not only that, Meng Hongwei also purchased multiple properties in China for Gao Ge, picking up and dropping out in a nanny car, and flying in first class. After Gao Ge gave birth to the twins, Meng Hongwei sent his mother and son to a French villa to attend an international school and hire a driver and nanny to take care of them. According to rough estimates, Gao Ge spends no less than 4 million yuan a year.

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Song Song who enjoys the benefits of power, although life has changed because of her husband’s arrest, the money in her hands still allows her and her son to enjoy a prosperous life in France. For the safety of her husband in the CCP’s prison, for the safety of herself and her son, Gao Ge’s best choice should be to keep a low profile, rather than stand up to offend the CCP, unless there is a special reason, for example, if she does so, she can bring some assurance. And she “can’t even be sure whether Meng Hongwei is still alive in this world” is it related to this?

It is worth noting that Gao Ge said that the CCP is a “devil” “because they devour their own children”, which is unavoidable. Whether “swallowing” means literally or otherwise, no matter which one, I’m extremely scared to think about it. What message does Gao Ge want to convey to the outside world?

The third strangeness is that Gao Ge did not complain about Meng Hongwei’s injustice more than a year after his sentence. Is it too late? In January 2020, Meng Hongwei was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison for accepting bribes and fined RMB 2 million. Meng Hongwei did not appeal. It has been nearly two years since then. What made her wait so long to speak for her husband?

What’s more intriguing is that while singing up and making Meng Hongwei a victim, it was actually involved in the dispute between two roads within the Communist Party of China. She mentioned that there are two ways, one is the method currently used, and the subtext is the method of “suppression of dissidents”; the other is to promote constitutional democracy and solve the problem from the root. The highest level in Zhongnanhai. Who gave her the guts? Who made her realize this?

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In fact, whether Gao Ge admits it or not, Meng Hongwei, who worked for the CCP and killed the donkey by him, is not wronged. His guilt for following the veteran superior Zhou Yongkang in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners who cultivate a good heart is particularly difficult to shirk.

Combining the three unusual features of Gao Ge’s vocalization, it is obvious that there is a pushing hand behind it, and it involves high-level gaming. Since Meng Hongwei was a cronies of Zhou Yongkang, it is not surprising that Gao Ge has Jiang faction behind it. One of the possible consequences of the high-singing move is to impact Hu Binchen’s election as a member of the Interpol Executive Committee, and the other is to arouse the international community’s attention to the CCP’s “swallowing of its own children”. How will the Beijing authorities respond?

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