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2022 Asian Weightlifting Championships fifth match day Chinese players win 5 more golds_Snatch_Total score_Clean and jerk

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2022 Asian Weightlifting Championships fifth match day Chinese players win 5 more golds_Snatch_Total score_Clean and jerk

Original title: 2022 Asian Weightlifting Championships Chinese players win 5 more golds on the fifth match day

Beijing News Sports | Reporter Deng Fangjia

Late at night on October 12, Beijing time, the 2022 Bahrain Asian Weightlifting Championships ended the fifth match day. A total of two levels of competition were held on this match day. In the men’s 81kg competition, Chinese athlete Ludlin won the “total catch” double gold with a snatch of 165kg and a total score of 353kg. In the women’s 71kg competition, Chinese athlete Yang Qiuxia won three gold medals with 106kg in snatch, 122kg in clean and jerk, and a total score of 228kg!

In the men’s 81kg competition, Ludlin from Shaanxi chose 161kg in the snatch competition. After successfully lifting it, he locked the snatch champion. The second lifted him to 165 kg, and the third failed to hit 170 kg. The competition in the clean and jerk competition was more intense. Lutheran lifted 179 kilograms with the handle, succeeded in the second with 183 kilograms, and succeeded in the third with 188 kilograms.

Lutheran in the game

However, Indonesian athlete and Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Rahmat Owen Abdullah lifted 198kg in the third, Uzbekistan’s Toshtmirov also lifted 192kg in the third, and the other Uzbekistan player Ogabek also lifted 189 kilograms in the third hand. In the end, Ludlin missed the clean and jerk medal, but still won the gold medal in the overall score with a huge advantage in the snatch project. The runner-up Rahmat Owen Abdullah scored 151-198-349, and the third runner-up Toshtmirov scored 154-192-346.

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The men’s 81kg category is the competition level of the Tokyo Olympics. Lu Xiaojun won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics at this level, but there is no such level in the Paris Olympics. The current world record for snatch at this level is 175 kg created by Li Dayin at the 2021 Tashkent Asian Weightlifting Championships, and the world record for clean and jerk is 208 kg created by Bulgarian 18-year-old genius Carlos Nassar at the 2021 Tashkent Weightlifting World Championships. The world record for the total score is still 378kg created by Lv Xiaojun at the 2019 Pattaya Weightlifting World Cup.

Ludlin, who was born in 1998, competed in the 77kg class in the 2017 National Games, and has already competed in the 81kg class in the 2018 National Weightlifting Championship. At that time, he won the runner-up with a total score of 347kg. In the men’s 81kg competition at the 2021 National Games, Ludlin won the silver medal with a snatch of 173kg, a clean and jerk of 190kg, and a total score of 363kg.

In the women’s 71kg weightlifting Asian Championships, Yang Qiuxia, born in Sichuan and born in 2002, won the championship when she successfully snatched 100kg. Since then, she has lifted 103kg and 106kg in a row. Yang Qiuxia succeeded in the clean and jerk with 120kg, the second with 122kg to lock in the gold medal, and the third with 130kg failed, and finally won the championship with 228kg. The runner-up runner-up Kadrova of Turkmenistan scored 102-117-219, and the third runner-up Mongolian Ganzorige scored 99-116-215.

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Yang Qiuxia in the game

The women’s 71kg snatch world record is 117kg set by the International Weightlifting Federation, the clean and jerk world record is 152kg set by Chinese athlete Zhang Wangli at the 2018 Ashgabat World Weightlifting Championships, and the total world record is also Zhang Wangli’s 2018 world record. 267 kg created at the Ashgabat World Weightlifting Championships in 2008.Return to Sohu, see more


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