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América fans do not forgive this decision by André Jardine

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América fans do not forgive this decision by André Jardine

The Águilas Lose to Real Estelí in the Concachampions

By Jhon Guiñan

Updated on 02/08/2024 – 23:03 CST

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André Jardine has been highly criticized for the rotations

America suffered a disappointing defeat against Real Esteli by 2-1 in the first leg of the first round of the Concachampions. Although there is still a chapter in which the Águilas can turn the tie around, the truth is that the azulcrema fans consider that André Jardine is responsible for the bad result.

And the Brazilian coach has opted for constant rotations in América’s starting eleven, with the aim of keeping the team in a position to compete in both the Liga MX and the Concachampions. However, the recent changes did not please the fans of the current Mexican champion. On social networks it is increasingly common to find accusations against André Jardine due to the rotations in the American team. Even though the coach has explained the reasons for his decision on numerous occasions, people want to see the best eleven he has available in every game.

All this has been accentuated since América’s defeat against Real Estelí, a match in which André Jardine made several changes to the lineup. The Brazilian has the obligation to come back in the series to reduce the pressure a little, otherwise he could experience difficult days on the azulcrema bench.

What do the fans of America say?

América fans have no doubts about André Jardine’s ability to exploit the best version of the team, especially after what was the conquest of the 14th and the start in Clausura 2024; however, there are many doubts about whether rotations are the path to success this semester.

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“I hope that with yesterday’s defeat the rotations end”; “With the rotations, Jardine is not going to win either tournament”; “The worst game of the Jardine era and its rotations”, These are some of the comments read on social network X after the defeat against Real Estelí in Nicaragua.

América does not have time to think about what happened against Real Estelí and must quickly turn the page, since their next appointment will be against León. The Eagles are obliged to react as soon as possible and break a streak of three consecutive games without winning.

Jhon Guiñan is a sports journalist at Futbol Sites. He is a graduate in Social Communication with more than 10 years of experience in digital media and previously in Goal México, covering the main competitions on the planet. He specializes in Mexican soccer, Liga MX, the Mexican National Team and the current situation of Mexican soccer players in the main leagues in Europe.

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