Home Sports An all-Italian APU puts the first seal towards promotion to Serie A but Lacey can lose

An all-Italian APU puts the first seal towards promotion to Serie A but Lacey can lose

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An all-Italian APU puts the first seal towards promotion to Serie A but Lacey can lose

The guard is hurt immediately, Walters also goes ko, but San Severo is beaten. The team test in game 1 of the play-offs was decisive. Tomorrow we return to the field

UDINE. Minus eight. There are many games that separate Apu Old Wild West from promotion to Serie A. Yesterday in Game 1 of the play-off quarter-finals Udine did its full duty against a San Severo that folded without ever breaking, if not in the last quarter. It is natural that the first of the green group beats the eighth of the red group of the regular season, but that she does so by playing without the two Americans. .

Half an hour from the two-player ball, when the teams enter the field, the Carnera is semi-deserted. Boniciolli renounces Nobile and inserts Ebelings in the ten that starts in quintet with Cappelletti, Lacey, Antonutti and Walters. The first Apu basket of these play-offs was scored by the captain from the bow. For four minutes he will remain the only one from Udine who finds himself playing without the two Americans: Lacey returns to the locker room after 1’59 ” (risks a long stop), while Walters is charged with two fouls after just 3’08 ”. Pellegrino signs the draw (6-6), then Antonutti overtakes (9-8). The boys from the West begin to take measures to defend San Severo: a basket from under the captain, one from Ebeling in transition and a free from Esposito allow Udine to lengthen and close the first quarter ahead by seven (23-16) .

The inertia of the match does not change at the beginning of the second quarter. Pellegrino under the basket is a factor, Mussini invents a large number on hand, Cappelletti’s free is worth the first double-digit advantage for Apu (28-18). However, there is a problem: Walters as soon as he returns to the field commits his third foul when there are still 27 minutes to play, a lifetime. Udine finds a great contribution from Esposito in attack (seven points in a row) but inevitably pays something under the basket with the guests who at the long interval have already captured twelve rebounds in attack, also the result of the poor aim of three (2 out of 17). With these percentages it becomes complicated to conquer the Carnera even if in front there is a team that plays only with the Italians who also carry their brick. In addition to Esposito, Ebeling’s performance should be highlighted, which after 20 ‘is already in double figures (11) with one hundred percent from the field (2 out of 2 from two and from 3). His three-pointer is worth the maximum advantage (42-31).

At the beginning of the third quarter Udine starts with Mussini, Giuri, Ebeling, Esposito and Pellegrino. Ciccio is “greedy” of the cannoli of his Sicily, but also of dunks: he places two forcing coach Bechi to immediately call time out. San Severo has the advantage of always keeping his head inside the game, while Udine has its long loads of fouls: Walters after having missed the start of a counterattack commits the fourth foul and exits holding his hand. Fortunately, Mussini is relentless for three (three in a row) and Esposito is the man who always finds something under the basket: his two plus one is worth 62-48 at the end of the third quarter.

Boniciolli in the last part rotates his ownmen, Udine also reaches the 18 most (72-54 with the Italian bomb) then manages the forces because tomorrow we return to the field for game 2. Less than eight victories in Serie A, okay, but the road is still long .

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