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Arabian Grand Prix: one problem after another brings Hamilton and Verstappen on equal points

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Jeddah: what a mess! Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas: a result already seen, but far from trivial. The result of a competition that is anything but regular. And which leads to an ending that is anything but obvious. Indeed, it will undoubtedly be drawn and full of controversy and regret.

The excessive search for exotic and Middle Eastern tracks, to make up numbers and collect many petrodollars, has put on a sparkling show like few but, in hindsight, too incandescent and also not very honorable for the federation and the race direction, which showed some important shortcomings.

It was more than desirable that in this “temporary” track something could happen in terms of accidents and unforeseen events. But what we saw in the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was too much, it was unacceptable. The precariousness of the safety of this track has caused accidents that have entirely conditioned the final outcome of Sunday and perhaps of the entire championship. A very precarious race from start to finish, with everything that happened. With a result that could be called into question by pending investigations even after the checkered flag. It sure wasn’t nice to see her break off many times. Unfortunately, the initial “fault” is attributable to the low-ranking Haas drivers, in particular Schumacher. Human errors that, with walls so close, without adequate escape route, had to be taken into account.

Beyond the limits of this track so unsuitable for this sport, the thing that has been understood most is that Lewis Hamilton has no intention of abdicating. The leadership of the world rankings was back on equal footing. After twenty-one grand prix, now the two “roosters” in the hen house will have to play everything to the last. With a win at the end of the most questionable 50 laps of the season, Hamilton plays on strength, arrogance, experience and psychology to try to counter the emerging phenomenon of Max Verstappen, who has shown all his qualities anyway, because he has had some “acute” in behavior but also gave a masterful driving lesson at the third start. However, both were not very gentlemen: it was feared on many occasions that “dirty” moments could occur as in the past, where the exclusion of the opponent, numbers in hand, could also be an option to be taken into account to earn a more “comfortable” advantage in the last race in Abu Dhabi. So much so that Lewis Hamilton went on trial one hour from the end, while Verstappen has already paid a position returned and five seconds in the course of the competition.

In favor of Hamilton, it must be remembered that it is the third consecutive victory for him. Perhaps he was already given for “dead” but today no one could be able to make a prediction for the grand finale. In the end, we are seeing two top-level riders who are challenging each other without neglecting anything. And without giving much space to others. Who stood out in Jeddah besides them? Few deserve mention. In particular Ocon: he would have deserved the podium but was only overtaken by a Bottas due to a clearly superior car. For the Italians, Antonio Giovinazzi also deserves to be mentioned, taking home two points at the penultimate Formula 1 test of his life. Two-thirds of the seasonal loot. Maybe they will be the last. Much better than ending your career with just one point.

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