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Argentine celebrity: Neymar leads by 4 goals and shows off his skills, let me kick him early_鲁杰里

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Original title: Argentine star: Neymar leads by 4 goals and dazzles me to kick him early

In today’s football, Neymar is one of the players with the strongest personal breakthrough ability. But at the same time, Neymar is also one of the players who like to show off his skills the most, and he often suffers retaliatory fouls from opposing players as a result. In the America’s Cup group stage, Brazil beat Peru 4-0, and Neymar was still showing off his skills in the final moments of the game. In the eyes of Argentine star Rugeri, Neymar’s approach is completely undesirable.

In an interview with ESPN, Ruggieri talked about Neymar: “Neymar did not respect any rules on the pitch. When leading Peru 4-0, he was still showing off his skills. If it were me, I would have played hard. Him.”

Rugeri believes that Neymar is completely inferior to Messi: “When you see that your opponent is destroyed and there is no suspense in the game, you can no longer do this kind of thing. Neymar’s ability is indeed different, but his personality Life is completely different from Messi.”

Ruggieri is now 59 years old and he is one of the top celebrities in Argentine history. Ruggieri is one of the best central defenders in Argentine history. He played for the Argentine team for 11 years and scored 7 goals in 97 appearances. Ruggieri won the 86 World Cup with Argentina and became runner-up in the 90 World Cup. In the 91 Copa America and 93 Copa America, Rugeri also won twice with Argentina. Rugeri played for Real Madrid for one season and won the La Liga championship with the team in the 89/90 season.Return to Sohu to see more

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