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Arslan still remains a question mark: Udinese’s midfield depends on him

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The Turkish, fresh from a muscle problem, is back in the group, but Gotti wants to evaluate him well in view of the race in Turin

UDINE. Black tights and standard gloves included in the training kit. Dressed like this Tolgay Arslan came back yesterday in the group under the orders of a Luca Gotti who was waiting for some sign from the Turkish midfielder, recovering from the muscle problem in his right quadriceps accused before the break with Sassuolo, before deciding on the tactical “dressing” of Udinese , increasingly projected to go to Turin on Monday evening.

On the recovery, or not, of Arslan, the choice of the module could in fact depend, and what apparently could seem an exaggeration, because linked to a single man able to change his mind to a coach, in reality it is a precise contingency linked to the actual availability in the median, the nerve center in which Udinese will complain of two certain absences in Turin: the first relates to the disqualification of a midfield winger like Jean Viktor Makengo, who was expelled for a double yellow card against Sassuolo, while the second instead it concerns an outsider like Jens Stryger Larsen, destined to live as a “separated at home” for the next few weeks, unless it is decided to sign the renewal.

The bill therefore leads to a “minus two” which, however, could be adjusted downwards, especially if Arslan does not give precise guarantees of reliability and durability.

Gotti, in fact, wants to test the Turkish from training to training, to understand if the nine days of rest and differentiated work, followed by the pain in the right quadriceps that involved the forced replacement at 16 ‘with Sassuolo, have influenced, or not, the athletic condition of a player already inclined to decline in performance over the 90 ‘.

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All this, remembering the prospect of experiencing a very intense match on Monday evening, under the pressure of Toro, dear to Juric-style.

This is why the coach has yet to decide on the form, a choice that at the moment would be dictated by the only two central midfielders (Walace and Jajalo) available, plus that “half Arslan” that could increase availability.

Playing three, there in the middle, or “two”, with two outsiders? This is the point at Juventus, where Gotti has put more meat on the fire by adding the suggestion of a Roberto Pereyra backward in front of the “Redondo” defense, as proposed and tested last Saturday in the test against Koper Capodistria, faced with 4- 2-3-1.

Meanwhile, yesterday Nacho Pussetto and Samir trained as a group for the second consecutive day. Recall that Pussetto has recovered from inflammation in his right knee and that Samir returned from a sprained right ankle.

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