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Atp 250 Florence, Berrettini stops at the third set with Carballes. Finals hung by a thread

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Atp 250 Florence, Berrettini stops at the third set with Carballes.  Finals hung by a thread

The Roman fought 3 hours and 20 with the Spaniard number 80 in the world but lost 2-1. He will play the ATP 500 in Vienna and Bercy to attempt an almost impossible recovery

Nothing to do, not even the support of Pala Wanny manages to bring Matteo Berrettini to the quarter-finals of the ATP 250 in Florence. Matteo stops in three sets 5-7 7-6 7-5 after three hours and 19 of battle against the number 80 in the world Roberto Carballes and sees the Finals dream go even further away. The Roman returned after two weeks off the circuit to recover and train in view of the final rush for Turin and the rust weighed heavily. Going ahead by a break in the first set for the 4-3, Berrettini had three set points at 5-4 before undergoing a counterbreak from the Spaniard who made the building jump. The Roman was good at immediately resuming the reins of the situation, recovering the disadvantage break and going to close the first set 7-5. In the second set, Berretto starts with the break and goes up 2-0 but once again he gets back together and ends up 4-2 down. Once again the Italian number 2 manages to recover the lost service and earn the tie break where he extends 3-1 then 4-2 but gets 4-4 resumed. An unfortunate straight out of Berrettini sends the Spaniard two points from the set, Matteo grabs the 5-5 but the Spaniard holds and in the end grabs the set. In the third, the Roman still struggles and wins the break for the 4-2 and still has to fight for the 5-2. But the Spaniard is a bad dog and the conjunction with Berrettini’s poor form means that when the Roman serves for the match he gives up the service again and allows Carballes to return. He loses the service again and leaves the scene.

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Aliassime one step away

Currently the Roman is number 15 in the Race (number 14 if we consider the absence of Sascha Zverev) and at Pala Wanny there is another pretender to the Finals, Felix Aliassime, currently number 8 with 2860 points, against 2225 of the Roman. . The Canadian plays tomorrow night against the German Otte in the last match scheduled at Pala Wanny.

Hypothesis Naples

After Firenze Berretto will play the ATP 500 in Vienna, where Jannik Sinner, another pretender to the Finals will also play, but it is possible that to try everything he can ask for a wild card at the Naples tournament next week. With Novak Djokovic occupying the last place among the eight eligible candidates, by virtue of the title at Wimbledon and the placement among the top 20 in the world, the race now takes place on Taylor Fritz’s virtual 7th place at 2885 points. The American, after his success in Tokyo, will return to the field at the ATP 500 in Vienna, where the level of the challenge will be very high. Hubert Hurkacz will also be there, also in the pits this week and 9th in the Race with 2725 points. And in the fray there is also Pablo Carreno, who in 14th place acts as a buffer between the two Azzurri with 2315 points. Sinner is 13th with 2310 but is absent in Florence due to the sprained ankle suffered in Sofia.

Passaro and Musetti

Next Gen day tomorrow in Florence with the last two Azzurri left in the singles match. With the surprise Francesco Passaro, the only wild card to have passed the first round, who will look for a place in the quarter-finals against the American Mackenzie McDonald. Passaro, a 21-year-old from Perugia, is virtually number 120 in the world and ninth in the Race to Milan for a place in the Next Gen Finals. For Passaro the second match of the day after the doubles match at 11. Fourth match of the day instead for Lorenzo Musetti who faces the Spaniard Zapata Miralles on his debut.

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