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Atp Finals Turin, Sinner out with his head held high: Medvedev wins 2-1 – Sport – Tennis

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Turin, November 18, 2021 – Jannik Sinner salutes her head high Atp Finals Torino and he does so even before taking the field against Daniil Medvedev: this is because in the afternoon Alexander Zverev had beaten Hubert Hurkacz with the score of 2-0 (6-2; 6-4), thus detaching the pass for the semifinal. In the one that the Russian, which advances as the first of the Red Group, at the end of the match he defined a sort of ‘dead game’ for this reason, the South Tyrolean regrets are linked to the first set (lost for 6-0) and the following two tie-breaks (7-5 e 8-10 the score) which clearly testify to the different technical depth of the two final fractions. In the end, it is the service and experience that pays off Medvedev: a Sinner, who shouldn’t even have played this tournament (in which he took over from the injured player Matteo Berrettini), honor and one more step remain in the long growth process still underway.

cousin set

Medvedev strong part and thanks to a great diagonal forehand he immediately finds the break before stretching immediately after a perfect turn in service. Soon the 3-0 and then the 4-0 for Russian, who also benefits from an online response from Sinner, who after just 23 ‘of play also collects the third break and consequently it 0-5. In reality for the South Tyrolean the first set is confirmed as an unsolved puzzle: after 26′ Medvedev, thanks to an impregnable fireball, he brings home the fraction to crown a very clear dominion.

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Second set

Sinner returns to the field with the right attitude and wins the first game of the evening thanks to the advantages. Medvedev he does not fit in and immediately impacts with a perfect service round closed by a long response from the blue, which in turn makes the void from the serve and returns to the advantage. Advantage that even becomes a break, with Sinner who manages to win the game despite the devastating serves of Medvedev, which also finds 2 ace before the counterbreak. The Russian, after giving a great essay in reception on the South Tyrolean’s attempts from the baseline, equalized with yet another excellent turn at bat. The watershed game of the set goes to Sinner, good at reacting even to his double fault. Speaking of reaction, that of soon arrives Medvedev, who writes the power from the baseline 4-4: the following game is long and hard-fought and goes to the blue, who then collects the prompt reply from the Russian, always lethal in the serve. To the 40-0 from Medvedev answers that of Sinner, who with an ace ensures the possibility of playing at least the tie-break. The 6-6 punctually materializes and is the prelude to the victory of the fraction of the blue, which reacts to the great after a first set practically not played.

Terzo set

Medvedev resumes strong in the serve, immediately imitated by Sinner. The Russian immediately took the lead thanks to an excellent first, but the blue didn’t fit and equalized after a break point wasted by his rival. The break arrives but it is precisely to find it Sinner, which forces error Medvedev, which throws its backhand into the net. The South Tyrolean confirms the break with a perfect serve: with the same fundamental, but this time with a few mistakes too many, Medvedev takes home his third game which is the prelude to his counterbreak. The resurgence of the Russian continues with the 5-4, accrued after a 40-0: Sinner immediately impacts with a great forehand, but Medvedev with yet another excellent turn at bat ensures at least the tie-break, which once again materializes. Sinner first goes under a mini-break, then recovers it before undergoing another one: the blue goes back under and even earns the first match point, canceled by Medvedev, who earns one only to waste it in turn. Sinner back in the lead but becomes the protagonist of two errors that give the second match point to the Russian, who this time makes no mistake and wins the match.

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