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Australian Open: Xu Yifan’s combination was reversed in two consecutive sets and lost 0-2 to the No. 3 seed jqknews

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Original title: Australian Open: Xu Yifan’s combination was reversed in two consecutive sets and lost to the No. 3 seed 0-2.

Sohu Sports News On January 23rd, Beijing time, the 2022 Tennis Grand Slam Australian Open continued. In the third round of the women’s doubles, the Chinese Golden Flowers Xu Yifan/Yang Zhaoxuan failed to move forward, and they were in two consecutive sets. The first break was reversed by the opponent, 6-7/4-6 lost two sets in a row to the No. 3 seed Mertens/Kudemetova combination, missed the Australian Open women’s doubles quarterfinals.

China‘s Golden Flower Xu Yifan has reached the Grand Slam women’s doubles final twice, while Yang Zhaoxuan has performed in the semi-finals of the 2018 French Open women’s doubles. The two began to pair up frequently last season, but they did not have much success except for the Dubai final. This season, the two have reached the semi-finals of the women’s doubles in the Sydney game. This year’s Australian Open played as the No. 14 seed in the women’s doubles. In the third round, the Chinese Golden Flowers encountered the No. 3 seed Mertens/Kudemetova. Mertens has won three Grand Slam women’s doubles titles, and Kudmetova also had a match last season. Wimbledon women’s doubles final record.

In the first set, Xu Yifan, who was the first to serve, resisted the 40-40 tie and finished serving. In the second game, he attacked the opponent’s serving game. The backhand received the serve and attacked the opposite corner to get the break point. Next, Kudmetova’s high ball was not of high quality. Xu Yifan scored a smash in front of the net to complete the break and lead 2-0. In the third game, Xu Yifan’s serving wheel was impacted. After the score was tied at 40-40, Kudmetova hit a forehand straight through to force a break point. Under the pressure, Xu Yifan then improved the quality of his serve, and the score came to 3- 0 leads. Next, they entered a round of their respective serving rhythms, and Xu Yifan’s combined break advantage held a 5-3 lead.

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Next was Xu Yifan’s serve to win the game. Yang Zhaoxuan’s serve encountered a strong attack from the opponent. Kudmetova scored 40-15 consecutive break points with volleys, and then Xu Yifan’s volley hit the net and broke back, and he took advantage of the situation to secure the score. 5-5 level. In the eleventh inning, Xu Yifan’s serving round saved three break points and it was difficult to secure serve. The score came to a 6-6 tie. In the tiebreaker, Mertens’ combination established an advantage and started a 4-0 opening advantage, leading all the way to the next 7 -5 to win the tiebreaker to win the first set.

In the second set, Xu Yifan’s combination started again with strength. In the first game, they launched a strong attack on the opponent’s serving game and quickly won 40-15 consecutive break points. After Mertens saved two break points, they experienced 5 After the second deuce, Xu Yifan’s combination completed a break and took advantage of the situation to maintain a 2-0 lead. The Mertens combination, which was behind in the score, started to counterattack. After saving two break points in the fifth game, they resolved two consecutive break points in the seventh game.

In the eighth game, Xu Yifan’s combination failed to break serve consecutively. Xu Yifan’s combination was attacked by the opponent. After a 30-30 draw, Xu Yifan volleyed to form a short ball. Mertens came to the net and scored a forehand winning point to get the break point. Then Kudmetova volleyed to form a short ball. Cross to complete the break 4-4 level. At the end of the set, Mertens’ combination continued to improve their impact, and they secured a 5-4 lead after the ninth game. Next was Xu Yifan’s must-have serve game. After the score was tied at 40-40, it was also a match point to send a break point. Yang Zhaoxuan volleyed. Out of bounds suffered a break, 4-6 Xu Yifan lost the second set, losing 0-2 with a total score of 0-2 and stopped in the third round of the Australian Open Women’s Doubles.Return to Sohu, see more

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