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Balata ‘shaken, I feel defeated by what happened in Brescia’ – Calcio

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Balata ‘shaken, I feel defeated by what happened in Brescia’ – Calcio

(ANSA) – ROME, 02 JUNE – “What happened in Brescia is unjustifiable from every point of view and must be strongly condemned. However, I am dejected and deeply shaken. In about 6 years of presidency there had never been episodes of violence like those which we witnessed last night at the Rigamonti stadium. Indeed, our category has always stood out for the absence of aggression and discrimination”. It is the letter that the president of the Serie B League, Mauro Balata, wrote after the serious events in the playout match between Brescia and Cosenza, suspended for throwing smoke bombs and pitch invasion.

“I feel defeated. I ask myself and I think we all have to ask why situations of such violence can occur during a sporting event that should generate joy – continues Balata -. The players gave everything on the pitch. Defeat is part of the sport, is an essential component. It must be accepted as a moment in the sporting journey of every team, every athlete, every club. Everyone must face these situations with courage and respect. Defeat brings with it that need to reflect, to engage in self-criticism, it is a condition that unites and spurs us to always do better. And also and above all through defeats we become stronger, even in life. Love for one’s team can never be violence because violence is the denial of love”.

“I want to express my closeness to the winners and losers, to all those who suffered and felt fear and discouragement on Thursday evening, to the two clubs, to the many true fans and enthusiasts – concludes the president Balata -, to the insiders and to the forces of police involved in containing the madness and who risked for their safety, but I also want to understand and address this situation directly with the institutions of the city and with all those who have a sense of respect and true love for sport even when it is lost. In order to open a dialogue so that what happened is not forgotten with the exhaustion of the emotionality of the moment but on the contrary becomes an opportunity for reflection and discussion. Only in this way will we be able to avoid other similar episodes”. (HANDLE).

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