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Basket Euroleague Milan falls in extra time with Panathinaikos

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Basket Euroleague Milan falls in extra time with Panathinaikos

Eighth defeat in a row for Olimpia who at Panathinaikos goes up +15 in the third quarter then undergoes a comeback and collapses in the final

Bitter away defeat for AX Milano who nearly hit in Athens but had to give up, after an overtime, against Panathinaikos, 90-77. After dominating the match for almost 30 minutes, the Italian champions suffer the angry comeback of the Greeks, dragged by an unstoppable Bacon who forces extra time. In the prolongation of the landlords’ dominance with Lee as the great protagonist, the blazes of Mitrou-Long and Luwawu-Cabarrot are not enough for Olimpia.

Good start, then…

Excellent start from Milan who aggressively presses the Greek wingers, two good shots from Davis approaching first, and the soft jumper from Luwawu-Cabarrot make it 0-4. The French coach, and consequent third penalty, pushes Pana who is released with 5 points from Papagiannis, 6-4. Will-o’-the-wisp that the red and white soon put out with Davies as protagonist, Melli and Mitrou-Long strike from the arc, a couple of paws from Hines and the good impact from Hall guarantee the plus 9 at the first siren, 13-22. The excellent moment continues for the AX who also controls the attacking rebounds, there is a double-digit advantage after Baron’s torpedo, 22-34. The Greeks try to return supported by a wild Bacon, Olimpia still solidly ahead in the middle of the game after Baron’s 3 free throws, 33-42 at the break.

After the long break, the scenario unchanged, Luwawu-Cabarrot and Mitrou-Long reopen the red and white amusement park, Pana on the ropes at 38-52. Few ideas and a lot of confusion in the hosts’ attack that crashes into the host drawbridge, Hines is the absolute lord of the colored area and moves the margin of coach Ettore Messina’s troop to 15. Green-and-white roar in the final quarter, 5 points from Ponitka and the usual Bacon sign the minus 5, a small masterpiece by Hines is worth the buzzer beater that gives 52-59 to Olimpia. Pana’s comeback doesn’t stop, reaching just one point led by former player Gudaitis, 63-64. Now it’s a real battle with Hall who responds with a fundamental triple, of pride, patience in attack and the usual defense the ingredients of the new draw, Davies’ bomb smells of victory, 64-70. Paris Lee and an infernal Bacon lead the last attacks Mitrou-Long first and Luwawu-Cabarrot miss the matchpoints, the punishment comes from Papagiannis equalizer. There is time for the decisive shot but this time Luwawu-Cabarrot fouls in attack, Bacon’s prayer on the siren doesn’t go and it’s overtime, 72-72. The Milanese run out of fuel, Lee is the driving force in extra time, the triple by mvp Bacon closes the accounts, 83-75.

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PANATHINAIKOS ATHENS: Bacon 31, Lee 22, Williams 9

AX MILAN: Mitrou-Long 16, Luwawu-Cabarrot 15, Davies 13

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