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Bayern struggling with Neuer’s replacement: Navas gains share

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Bayern struggling with Neuer’s replacement: Navas gains share

It will arrive in January: many names on the notebook. Not being able to get Nubel on loan to Monaco, Sommer from Gladbach is also in the running

Decision made. A porter will come. Bayern Munich will take on a replacement for Neuer in January, who has finished the season following a skiing accident that forced him to undergo leg surgery. Initially the club seemed oriented to focus on Sven Ulreich, the 34-year-old who has been playing twelfth in Bavaria since 2015 (taking out 2020-21 when he went to play in Hamburg). In reality, now the club, which is aiming decisively for the treble, has convinced itself to invest in the transfer market. And several names immediately came out. Even that of Keylor Navas, closed to PSG by Donnarumma.

The situation

Neuer actually worries not only about the current season. At almost 37 years old (in March) and with an injury that will keep him out for months, after the various problems he’s already had with his shoulder, back and foot, we can’t be sure he’ll return to the levels he’s always been at. Bayern actually covered themselves by taking, already in 2020, Alexander Nubel (now 26 years old) who is currently on loan at Monaco. The most obvious solution would be to bring him back to Bavaria 6 months early, but the Monegasque club made a block. For this reason, Bayern also evaluates other profiles, not so young, having in their hands a goalkeeper on whom the club is aiming for the future. There is talk of Keylor Navas, who would like to redeem himself: not even one presence this season with PSG. It would be a guarantee, and also at a low cost. The profile of Yann Sommer from Gladbach is similar: the goalkeeper of the Swiss national team is two years younger than Navas, but he knows both the language and the German championship. His contract expires at the end of the season, which is why Borussia would be ready to sell him at low prices. Furthermore, during the World Cup, Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn was seen several times at Croatia’s matches. It was therefore hypothesized that he could observe (he too played in goal) Dominik Livakovic, of Dinamo Zagreb. However, the Croatian goalkeeper has other costs than Sommer and Navas and, being 27 years old, would come into conflict with Nubel.

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Low cost

The reason why the investment in Emiliano Martínez, awarded as the best goalkeeper of the World Cup, does not seem probable at the moment. The Argentine has a long contract with Aston Villa (until 2027) and to have him, more than the 17 million spent by the English club would be needed to sign him. Bayern, on the other hand, between Nubel and Neuer, would like a low-cost goalkeeper. However, the first decision has been made: a goalkeeper will arrive in Monaco in January. Now you just have to choose which one.

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