Home Sports Berrettoni to greetings after six years at the top: “Thank you Pordenone for adopting me”

Berrettoni to greetings after six years at the top: “Thank you Pordenone for adopting me”

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Berrettoni to greetings after six years at the top: “Thank you Pordenone for adopting me”

The farewell is official, the sports director’s contract expires on 30 June. Arrived in 2016, as a player he conquered the B: manager since 2019

PORDENONE. In neroverde he ended his career as a football player and started as a manager. In all, on the banks of the Noncello, he spent 6 and a half years: «Pordenone will always remain in my heart».

Emanuele Berrettoni is ready to permanently leave the lizards and the city where his son lived and raised. The contract of the now former sporting director expires on June 30, after which he will be officially free. In front of him, for now, there are no new challenges. He will spend the summer resting and updating.

Berrettoni, among the green lizards arrived in January 2016. Do you remember the first contact with the club?

“Of course. I was in Ascoli, in B, out of the squad. Marcelo Mateos, my former teammate in Bassano (at the time manager of the neroverdi, ndr). I also had other offers. I told him: “I care that it is a serious thing, I want to get back into the game”. I didn’t make it a question of category. I took the bet. I signed a six-month contract with the option to renew in the event of a play-off. We hit the post-season. So I stayed ».

His career restarted and headed towards the last seasons, all lived as a protagonist.

«I got back on track. And I saw that the club had great growth potential. The season after my arrival, 2016-2017, was my best. In the following tournament the satisfaction of playing and beating Cagliari in the Tim Cup and of facing Inter, then the leap to Serie B: unforgettable moments ».

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After the promotion, in May 2019, President Lovisa’s proposal to take up the post of ds.

“On the one hand, I expected to remain in society. What is certain is that I had to decide whether or not to retire within a few days. I chose “belly”, aware of the opportunity that was given to me. I will always be grateful for this chance ».

On the field closed as a winner.

«What I wanted. The last vintage was really beautiful. We were a strong group, built over the years, with an excellent work culture. Mister Tesser was good at making us express ».

From footballer to manager: it is quite another thing, right?

“Getting to the other side of the fence wasn’t easy. All three seasons in which I have held this role have made me grow, even the last one. If I could do more? Yes, especially during the previous tournament ».

The best teaching he brings with him from this adventure?

«Every player has qualities, which must be made available in the right context. And the boys must not make a mistake on the path ».

Everyone should do like Pobega, the real discovery of Pordenone: Ternana in C, lizards in B, Spezia and Turin in A and now Milan.

«Tommaso is strong. And I see it much improved. But here are players of perspective like Vogliacco, Cambiaghi: both from Serie A ».

Will you miss Pordenone?

“Of course. Here I lived wonderful years, my son grew up here and I cultivated true friendships here ».

How do you see the future of the club?

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«Now a new cycle begins. Aiming for a coach like Di Carlo was an important move. As a fan I hope that the green lizards can return to the top. And I hope that the fans stay close to the team and, in particular, that the stadium issue will be resolved ».

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