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Bill cut 37+7 with 6 people to score double Wizards to win over Jazz to end four losing streak_Mitchell_Bogdanovic_1

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Original title: Bill cut 37+7 with 6 people to score double Wizards to win over Jazz to end the four-game losing streak

On December 19th, Beijing time, the NBA new season regular season continued. As a result, the Wizards defeated the Jazz 109-103, ending a four-game losing streak.

Full-time data

27-33, 29-20, 28-27, 25-23 (Jazz comes later)

For the Wizards, Bill has 37 points and 7 assists, Pope 13 points, Afdia 11 points, Harrell 11 points and 6 rebounds, Neto 15 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Garford 12 points and 9 rebounds.

Jazz Mitchell 32 points and 5 assists, Bogdanovic 18 points, Clarkson 12 points, Ingles 9 points, Gobert 11 points and 19 rebounds

Game review

After the game started, Mitchell made a 3-pointer, then he stepped back and succeeded with a 3-pointer. Then Joe Ingles made a 3-pointer, Cadwell Pope scored a layup, and Bojan Bogdan made a layup. Norwich scored a jumper, Pope scored a layup, then Mitchell scored another goal, then Pope scored a layup, Bogdanovic scored a jumper, Pope also made a cut, then Mitchell and Pope Mitchell scored each other’s jumper, then Bogdanovic hit a jumper, Bill scored 2+1, Bogdanovic hit a 3-pointer, and then Mitchell retaliated with 3 points, and then the two sides scored each other , The Jazz opened a 6-point difference. In the final stage, Neto and Rudy Gay continued to score. At the end of the first quarter, the Jazz opened a 6-point gap.

In the second quarter of the game, Jordan Clarkson scored 2+1, Aaron Holiday scored a throw, then Clarkson scored another goal, and then Kyle Kuzma dunked, Denis Afdia He also hit a 3-pointer to stop the Jazz, then Clarkson cut to score, Bogdanovic succeeded with a 3-pointer, Bill made two free throws, and then Bill scored 2+1, but Clarkson immediately hit a 3-pointer, the score gap came. To 7 points. Then Bill scored another 3 and the score was finally equalized. After Mitchell succeeded with 3 points, Bill responded with a jumper, and the Wizards overtook the score, leading by 3 points into the second half.

In the third quarter, Bogdanovic made two free throws. After that, Gafford scored a dunk and Bogdanovic also scored. Then O’Neal succeeded with 3 points, Kuzma and Bill scored consecutively, and then O’Neal again. In 3 points, Garford and O’Neal also scored consecutively, the Wizards have been leading by 3 points. After Whiteside and Bill scored each other, the Wizards always maintained a weak advantage. In the final stage, Harrell stepped forward and scored 5 points in a row of attacks on the inside to help the Wizards gain a 4 point advantage after the end of the three quarters.

In the fourth quarter, Trent Forrester made a free throw, and Clarkson also made a foul and succeeded. Then Ingles succeeded with a 3-pointer, Neto scored a layup, Mitchell scored a layup, Gobert After making two free throws, the Jazz once again completed the lead. In the final stage of this quarter, Garford scored a layup, Mitchell hit a jumper, and Bill also scored a jumper. The gap between the two sides was still unable to widen. After that, Afdia scored a layup again and overtook it. Then the offensive efficiency of both sides was equal. Not too high, Mitchell made a free throw at a critical moment to equalize the score. In the final stage, Bill made a decisive breakthrough to score, and then the Wizards expanded the score advantage through free throws. In the final 3 minutes, the competition between the two sides became more intense, and Bill retreated after the critical moment and hit a jumper again. The score gap opened to 5 points. In the last minute, the two sides scored free throws. The Wizards still led by 2 points in the last 36 seconds, and Pope hit 3 points in the last 12 seconds to help the Wizards take the victory. (LaMarcus)

Wizards starting

Kyle Kuzma, Daniel Garford, Spencer Dinwiddie, Bradley Beal, Cadwell Pope

Jazz starting

Royce O’Neal, Bojan Bogdanovic, Rudy Gobert, Joe Ingles, Donovan MitchellReturn to Sohu to see more


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