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Boring debut for Formula 1 in Qatar: only surprise is Alonso’s return to the podium after 7 years

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Unfortunately, not memorable because it lacks the duel between the two. A match only postponed to the last two matches of the season. A challenge postponed but also undoubtedly exacerbated: now in the world ranking there are only 8 points behind. In the end, such a short margin has not been remembered for many, many years: the last time it was Vettel who fought against Hamilton so close. But in this vintage, unexpected events aside, it literally seems destined to stay on until the very last kilometers of the grand finale in Abu Dhabi.

A third that is worth a season

Who would have thought they would see such a fast Alonso today? Sure, he had already made a big splash yesterday. It was in the air that he could also do a good performance in the race. Thanks to Bottas’ own goal (like Verstappen, also a small relegation due to the yellow flag not respected on Saturday, then the retirement, probably due to damage caused by the previous puncture) it was even easier for him to give the final paw and stay in the third. place. A fourth would have been nice too, but a third means podium.

A podium at the age of 40 last summer, after 7 years and 109 races since the last, is really a lot of stuff. It is truly a demonstration of ability, of guts, of foot, of clarity, of courage. Alonso is always a complete champion, a true racer in many conditions: he has shown he can win in Formula 1 and also in Le Mans in 2018 and 2019 as well as in Daytona in 2019.

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Overwhelming evidence that consecrates him as one of the few drivers of all time able to interpret and dominate, in addition to Formula 1, also in the discipline of endurance. The Alpine that he drives undoubtedly stood out for less tire wear than others and, in general, the management of the race went beyond expectations. A real joy to see him like this, even if only recalling a not too old memory: just a few weeks after the race at the beginning of the season, due to a bike accident in Lugano, for a few days there was fear of his full physical recovery.

Ferrari at full speed, he must not give up

A perfect day cannot be said. Officially Binotto will never be satisfied, because Ferrari shouldn’t be there, behind Alpine and Aston. But we need to be objective and be satisfied, again this year, hoping that with the regulatory revolution of 2022 we no longer have to chase.

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